Is God Dead?

Today's news outlets are making much of the war on religion that appears to be going on.

Well, to be a little more accurate, the "war" seems to be against mostly Christians and Jews.

People espousing atheism are aiding and abetting this appearance along with the president of the United States, B. Obama, with his favoritism toward the Islamic faith.

The atheists seem to quote Nietzche and his famous (or, infamous) "God is Dead." to support their beliefs. But, is that really what Nietzche meant?

Actually, Nietzche was expressing a fear that a decline in religion and a rise in atheism would bring about an ever increasing loss of a moral "higher power" in our lives. This would lead to nihilism and, thus, distaster for the human race. (see Nietzche's 1882 'The Gay Science' - and, no, 'gay' then did not mean what it means today.)

So, right away we can discount the atehists' claim that Nietzche's "God is dead." statement supports their belief that there is no God.

So, let's look at the "God is dead." statement as the atheists interpret it and, for a moment, treat it as the atheists would have it; or, in the literal sense.

And with that, let's look at the logic that may or may not support such.

First, a few definitions:

Theist - one who believes in a superior being (i.e., God), or in some cases, multiple gods.

Atheist - one who believes there is no such superior being (or beings).

Agnostic - one who doesn't know if there is a God(s) or not.

Next, some facts:

Is there evidence and/or proof that there is a God or gods? The answer = NO!

Is there evidence and/or proof that there is NOT a God or gods? The answer = NO!

So, both theists and atheists base their positions on "faith" with neither being able to prove there respective positions.

Now, since agnostics "don't know" or believe either way, let's leave them out of this discussion. Agnostics don't have a "boat to float" in this discussion.

Theists, of course, definitely believe there is a God (or gods). So they would totally reject the idea that "God is dead.". That leaves them out of the discussion.

Now, finally, on to the "God is dead." thing from a logic viewpoint; or, let's demonstrate that atheists are wrong in this:

Atheists have the position that God was invented by early man as a means of answering the unanswerable. So, God, as a supreme being, is only in the minds of theists.

Accepting their position for a moment means that God exists in the minds of human beings and only there.

So, for God to be truly dead, as atheists would have it, then the 81% of the human population who are theists must all die. For, if only one theist remains alive, then God is alive in their mind and, thus, not dead.

This is very similar to the old "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound?".