The Trump Years - A Legacy Unfolding

The United States Debt Clock


The UN Is Out There "Helping" Again

"Climate Change" - My Executive Summary

Hypocrisy or Selective Ignornance

Look Out America ! Look Out World !

Is Israel REALLY The Jewish Homeland?

Antifa Offers An Apologia For The Progressive Left

More Progressive Judicial Overreach

Is Allowing Illegal Immigration Compassionate?

Per the Progressive Left Today Who Is their Latest Target?

Hillary Clinton Offers Us A Cure For all the Incivility We See Today

On Removing Historical Monuments

And NOW for a Diversity Drum Roll, Please

An Ideological Dictatorship

Is An Unsecured Border A National Security Threat?

Everybody Gets To Vote In America! REALLY?

We All Have The Right to Freedom of Speech - Unless A Progressive Disagrees

Even The 2020 Census Is Being Used As A Pawn

There Is Political Confusion Running Around

A Big Mistake By Trump - The Omnibus Spending Bill of 2018

The Trouble With Tribbles - Not a 'Star Trek' episode critique

Having A Logical Discussion With A Progressive

Beware of Data Manipulation

When Is A Criminal Fugitive NOT A Criminal Fugitive?

The Politically Progressive Mindset

Moving Classified Data To The "Cloud" - SAY WHAT!?

Today I Learned Something From Hillary Clinton

Government Entitlements - A Commentary

Florida Passes A New Gun Law - "The Devil Is In The Details"

The Demographics of Commercials on TV

A Millennial Speaks On The NRA - PLUS

Racism Is Alive And Well - At Least In The Democrat Party

The Lunacy of Progressivism - Example #12,345,672

A Teen Speaks On Gun Control

Judicial Activism - A Pox on Us All

The 4th Court of Appeals Makes the Same Mistake the 9th Court Did.

The Judicial System Goes Sideways Yet Again

"A" Way To Analyze the News

On Lies We Are Fed

Congressman Steve King (R-IA) Addresses Congress

(note: he speaks very fast, so I have slowed down the audio a tad for better listening).

The Hypocrisy Of The Left - An Example

The Grassley-Graham Memo

The Grassley-Graham Memo - An Analysis

The Nunes Memo

Illegal Aliens At The 2018 State of the Union Address, by Charles Hurt

My Reaction To The 2018 SOTU Address

An Unofficial Survey

Appropriate Attribution

An Application of Syllogistic Logic

Dick Durbin - Ignorant or Liar

People Have Gone Nuts

On Trump's Derogatory Statement About Poorer Countries

An Answer To Vicente Fox of Mexico

Randall Hansen Is A Happy Person

To DACA or Not To DACA

On Leadership

Charles Krauthammer Has A Comment or Two On Obama's "Organizing for Action" (OFA)


Nikki Haley Tells UN to "Shove It"

"School Days" in Gaza

I Now Know What "Conflict of Interest Free" Means In The FBI

Today's Use Of The Word "Liberal"

On The Recognition of Jerusalem

Justice vs. The Legal System

Kate Steinle Killer Acquitted

When You Have Great Representation In Congress, Let People Know!

"Fast Terry" McAullife Is At It Again

Blatant Racism In A California School System

What To Think Politically

Is There Hypocrisy In The Women's Marches Against Trump And His Administration?

Trump Gives A Speech In Poland

What Actually Separates Progressives and Conservatives?

The Case Of The Tweeting Trump

Words To Live By

Healthcare In America - An Opinion & Commentary

Democrats Say The Darndest Things

A Professor Sums It Up Rather Nicely - June 26, 2017

The Trump Administration & US Islamic Organizations - A Move In The Right Direction

A Word Or Two On Classified Documents

"A Question Embedded In A Commentary Encased In An Epistle"

The Case(s) Against Trump

Let's See, I Think I Have This Right!

It's OK To Protest - But, Know What You're Protesting

List of Islamic Terror Attacks During Islam's "holy month" of Ramadan

Megyn Kelly's New "Gig" = BOMB!

Governmental Policies "Gone Off The Rails"

CNN Stages Fake News

Give Me That Old Time "Religion"

Human Rights And The United Nations

How Our Federal Tax System Actually Works - By Analogy

What Ever Happened to "SEGREGATION = BAD!"

Go Ahead; Try And Prove A Negative!

Hillary Clinton Explains Why She Lost The Election Of 2016

Has Civility Gone Missing?

A Look At Different Sects Of Islam

It Takes A Brit!

Colleges Today - What Evil Doth Ye Bring?

Angela Merkel Has An Opinion

Statistical data and some narratives excerpted from the PEW Research Center and vetted info from Wikipedia for the above.

Hey, Mr. President. Want to save some taxpayer dollars? As a suggestion start here. DON'T GIVE 'EM A DIME!

The Pope & The President (May 2017)

The Trumps at Yad Vashem (May 2017)

Trump Visits Israel & The Western Wall

Trump's Speech In Saudi Arabia - May 2017

What A Difference An Election Makes !

Today's Media vs. Orwell's "1984"

On What Passes for Scholorship With Progressive Academics

It's A Good Thing I Am Not The President

People Actually Voted For This Person - More Than Once

Stupid Question, Simple Answer

Excuse Me! I Can't Graduate From High School - WHY?

Coming To A City or Neighborhood Near You - Part Deux

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee Offers Questions for Neil Gorsuch

My Concerns With The First Republican Bill To Repeal & replace Obamacare

Judicial Overreach

Be Careful When Trying To Understand What The News Is Offering

What Does A CBO Analysis Really Mean?

Bill O'Reilly Makes a Big Mistake

Who Was Featured At The Womans March? - 03.07.2017

A Short Message To Sen. Schumer

President Trump's First Address To Congress - 02.28.2017

Is Free Speech Really A Guarantee These Days?

A College Professor Has A few Opening Remarks To His Class

MSNBC Offers That It Is The Media's Job To Control What We, The American People, Think!

Once Again Israel Has A Firend - The USA (02.20.2017)

To All The Trump Obstructionists

President Trump's News Conference of February 16, 2016

President Trump Vists Melbourne, FL 02.18.2017

Liz Wheeler On "Snowflakes"

Elizabeth Warren - With Credit Where Credit Is Due

The President and the Prime Minister of Israel Hold a News Conference - 02.15.2017

Comments On The 9th Court's Travel Ban Ruling

An Independent Analysis Of The Sanders - Cruz Debate Just Below

A Great Debate - Bernie Sanders/Ted Cruz, February 2017

America - Where Everybody Has The Right To be Stupid

The 2017 Super Bowl "84 Lumber" Commercial

And, From The Progressive Left We Offer You Something Truly Disgusting

Trump vs. Clinton - Bill, That Is

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Revs Up The Crowd

The Democrat Party 2017

Trump's Executive Order on Illegal Immigration - January 25, 2017

The Women's March - January 21, 2017

A Celebrity's Comment On The Media

Prior to Meeting with Trump Prime Minister Netanyahu Speaks To The People of Iran

My Initial Assessment

Trumps' Earlier Stated First "100 Days" Agenda:

On The Inauguration Speech

We have a new President & First Lady, Donald J. & Melania Trump - January 20, 2017