The Obama Years - A Failed Legacy

"Continuing Executive Orders, Rules, and Regulations Without Representation is Tyranny."


"The Effectivity Of Government Is Inversely Proportional To Its Size"

Note: Except as externally referenced or specified all statements offered here are my sole opinion(s).
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Never Let The Truth Stand In The Way Of A Good Story

As you peruse the below sites, should you have the need/desire to review this country's founding documents, see what the Founding Fathers had to say about the meaning of our Constitution, or stuff like that, Click Here. Most likely you'll find what you are looking for there.

Timeless Messages For Us All

The United States Debt Clock

2017 - Up to the Inauguration on Jauary 20, 2017 and the Transition of Power

A Final Word Or Two and A Legacy Wrapup

Obama, throughout his administration, has been responsible for literally thousands of criminals and terrorists being set free - Click Here, Click Here, and in his last days in office he continued his "legacy".

Post 2016 Presidential Election: Articles

Congress' Investigation Into Planned Parenthood

Our Future In Jeopardy

To Repeal or Not To Repeal Obamacare

Trouble Ahead?

My Take On Kerry's Speech About Israel

11 Great Quotes from Thomas Sowell

On Millennials

Entertainers Boycott The Trump Inauguration

Happy New Years from Austria

Enough Of The UN's Anti-Israel Views

"The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!"

Did The Russians "Hack" The DNC?

We Officially Have A New President-Elect

The 2016 Election Results By County

Obama's Final Address To The Military

And THIS From The WSJ Of All Places

What Exactly Is The "Alt-Right"?

The "Slimy Slope"

Do We Really Want These People Among Us?

What Are We Teaching Our Children?

On the Death of Fidel Castro

Not The American Way

The Progressives' Response to Trump's Win

Trump's Interview on "60 Minutes"

2016 - The Presidential Race


The Presidential Election Results

How The Electoral College Works

A View

An Election Results Analysis


The Republican Convention

The Democratic Convention


The First Presidential Debate

The Second Presidential Debate

The Third, and Final, Presidential Debate

2016 - The Presidential Race: Articles

Before You Vote In the 2016 Presidential Election

Bill Whittle and Donald Trump Offer Comments On The Followers Of Sharia Law
The Best Produced Trump "Speech" Yet

The Hypocrisy of Progressives

Who Are The "Cultural Enrichers"?

Be Careful What Words We Use

On Voter Fraud

Why Are Obamacare Rates Increasing Radically?

Trump's Best Speech To Date (Gettsyburg, PA - October 22, 2016)

"The Dog Ate My Homework" - State Department Style
My "Sixth Sense" Tells Me "I See Dead People"
The Intellect of the Head of the DNC
It Seems Hillary's Total Disregard For Our Classified, Security Laws & Procedures Started Long Before Her Email Scandal
As Secretary of State Hillary's Department Oversaw The Facilitation & Financing of Outsourcing American Jobs
Hillary Tells Netanyahu That She Will Continue Implementing "The Iran Deal"
NSA Analyst Has Proof The FBI Never Had Intentions Of Charging H. Clinton On Email Mishandling
Silly Terrorists
Per Hillary, If You Believe What She Promotes Is The Right Thing, You'll Have To Change Your Religious Beliefs - Among Other Things
Obama's Last Speech To The United Nations
Hillary - Looking Out For US? Well, Perhaps Not So Much.
Will The Sleaze & Hypocrisy Never End?
Uncovered: Hillary Sponsored Secretive "Arab Spring" Program
"Keep It Simple, Stupid"
Hillary Plans A Visit To The United Nations
Hillary Gets A Little Help From Her Friends

And, ...

Hillary Gets A Little More Help From Her Friends

And, ...

Hillary Gets A LOT of Help From Her Friends

I Found This Information Both Interesting & Informative
A VET Asks A Question
Retired Military Commanders Go For Trump
Reuters Joins The Media Bias Crowd
"...The People Who Count The Votes Decide Everything." - Joseph Stalin
Hillary Clinton Must Respond Under Oath
Making Progressives' Heads Explode
A Politician's Views On Illegal Immigration
Let's Play "Who Do You Trust" - Jill Stein vs. PBS
More "Good News" for Hillary
A Well Deserved Endorsement for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton
Trump's Speeches
You Can't Make this Stuff Up! Hillary Blames Trump For ISIS Rise.
OK! Who Really Started the "Obama Wasn't Born Here" Stuff? Hint: It Wasn't Trump.
Khan's Con
Obama Apparently Lied About Knowing Hillary Had A Private Email Account Which She (and he) Used To Conduct Government Business

AND ...

Another Source Story On Obama Knowing of Hillary's "Off-Book" Email Server and Saying he Did not Know

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Seeks Opinions
The Ghost Of Christmas Yet-To-Come
The Latest Silliness About Trump
Hillary Clinton - A Serious Concern
Hillary Clinton's Proposed Tax Plan - An Analysis
How Does The Black Lives Matter Group Feel About Israel?
Loose Emails Can Get Someone Killed
Trumpin' the Khan
Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Islam
CNN Takes A Look At The DNC Emails Leak
Presidential Candidates Offer Us Some Words - June 2016
On Whose Side Is Today's Justice Department?
Even If Innocent One Is Still Punished
Political "Campaign Messages" Leading Up To The Election of 2016
A Somewhat Clever Campaing Button
Will No One Who Will Rid Me Of This Troublesome Delegate?
On The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal
This One Pretty Much Stinks!
Is Google Really Altering Its Search Results Algorithm In Favor Of H. Clinton?
Want A Really Dangerous Job?
A Simple Task
Trump And the Issue With "The Judge"
The Seemingly Insidiousness of Our Political System
Political Ideology Made Simple
The Presidental Candidates' Press Conferences/Speechs June 2016
Presidential Candidates Puzzle me
Why Political Polls Are A "Crock".
--------------Does Your Vote Count? Bilderberg
Guess Who's Coming To Your Voting Precinct.
Trump's "Radical" Position On Muslims' Entry To Our Nation
The "Biden Rule" - Appointments to the Supreme Court
A RNC Leader Shows A Caring Attitude Toward Republican Voters - NOT!
Of Course There's Always Rule 40b
Conservatives Do Not 'Message' Well
If You're For Trump, "THIS One's For You!"
There Truly Must Be Something Wrong With H. Clinton.
Kasich, The Village Idiot
Is The Voter Fraud By Illegals A Myth?
How To Ensure A Trump Win!
Who Said That?
And Speaking Of Donald Trump
A Note On Ted Cruz and Common Core.
H. Clinton, The Email Scandal - The Case Against Her.
Hillary's Must be Elected President To Stay Out Of Jail - Probability of Her Going To Jail = approximately 85%.
Bernie Sanders Gets A Taste of Politics
A Short Look At Voters' Preferences
re: Hillary Clinton - Is This What We Want In A Candidate?
Never Believe Anything
Why NOT Marco Rubio
Why NOT Marco Rubio - 2
A Definition Of Government
The Use Of Kids in Political Campaigns
As of 10.19.2015 - The Best Political Ad Ever !!!
A Theoretical Negotiation With Putin
Hillary's Email Issue - What's Not Being Said
A Suggestion To All Candidates
A Commentary On The First Republican Debate(s)
On The Subject of Abortion
A Look At The Republican Candidates and Megyn Kelly's "Gotcha" Questions

2016 - External to the Presidential Race

Common Core - Islam Style
The President Continues The Mantra Of "Never Let The Truth Stand In The Way Of A Good Story"
A Quick Look at The Government's Budgetary Process - OR, Let's Define "CLUSTERSCREW", shall we?
This Is Not Good For The Current President's Legacy
A Note From President Truman To All the Bernie Sanders Supporters
Benjamin Netanyahu & Mahmoud Abbas Each Give A Speech At The United Nations
Mislead on Benghazi Tied to White House Staff
Under Obamacare Healthcare Costs Have Risen The Most In 32 Years
On Disrespecting America
A Little Foretelling On Obamacare
A Disgrace Within Our School Systems
The Devolution of Our School Systems
There's No Corruption In The State Department except maybe the H. Clinton Email Scandal - And, Of Course, THIS!
We Need the Name Of A Good Exterminator
Is There Still Bias In Today's News Media?
'Independence Day - RIP' an Article
On The Failed Coup Attempt In Turkey
The Hypocrisy Of The Progressive "Elites"
Obama Still Selling The "Religion of Peace" Thing
Bill O'Reilly On Race In America
Ray Stevens On Immigration
A Political Look At The Orlando Tragedy of June 12, 2106
How Do The German Police Handle Islamic Protesters?
An Open Letter
On The Leadership Of The Current US President - 2016
The 2nd Amendment - A Collection
On Obama's Legacy - So Far
A Consideration For Our Currency
A Layperson's Guide To Decision Making On Things Political
PC Ignorance Reigns
An Association of Ideas
The Dividing of America
Is the Banning of "Assault Weapons" a Reasonable Idea?
Misinformation on Guns
On Sexual Consent as Only a Brit can Offer
A Sign Of The Times
On The Facebook, et al, Deal With The EU
A Short Note On Political Correctness
A Note To The President Of The University Of Louisville On The Decision To Remove A Confederate Monument.
The Case Against A SCOTUS Appointment At This Time.
On the Passing Of A True American!
What Has Got To Be The Worst Job Ever!!
Young Savages In Action!
Bill Whittle - Always a great source!
The Audacity Of Erasing History!
Our Educators of Children Are Scary Dudes, Indeed!
An Advocate Discusses The $15/Hour Minimum Wage!
Obama - An Alternate Historical View!
The Gutless Europeans!
Even Bill Maher Gets It Right!
Even The President Needs A Vacation Every Now And Then!
The Truth Is Scarier Than Conspiracies!
A Word On Our College Environments!
A Few Notes On Gun Control!
Political Ideologies Alive and Well In America Today.
Is FOX News Really "Fair & Balanced"?
Islamic Conquest Through Migration/Immigration.
Introctrination Of Our Children By The Progressive Left.
Civil Asset Forfeiture - Constitutional?
A Word On History.
The Promises Obama Has NOT Kept - so far.
Obama To Visit Mosque.
Racism In The Entertainment Business.
A Word Or Two On Muslims.
On A Real Minority.
The Italian Government Goes Wussy.


In the last couple of decades many feel that the greatest nation the world has ever experienced, The United States of America, has dramatically been changing - and not for the better.

This section is devoted to the exploration of those feelings.

First, let's remember a truly Great Lady.
The Scam of the H1B Visa Issue.
Looking Back On 2015 From A Political Standpoint.
An Interview & Commentary on PC.
How Did Being In Congress Become A Profession?.
Where Have All The Soldiers Gone?.
On The Syrian "Refugees" - Propaganda From The Government.
The Sissification of The United States and Its Future.
Telling The Truth Shall NOT Set You Free.
On The Attorney General.
The Anti-Religious Crazies.
A Different Take On An Old Hymn.
SHHHH! They're Listening!.
A Sign Of The Times.
Want Some Statistics? I've Got Some Statistics For You!.
The President Is Delusional.
Refusing Syrian Refugees - Lack of Compassion or an Application of Common Sense.
Refugees - Or Embedded Terrorists?
The Progressives' Favorite "Tool"
Just You Wait
The World Against Israel
'Climate Change' Is A Greater Threat Than Islamic Terrorism - REALLY?
'Climate Change' - A Little More On The Sybject

The Silent Army
MultiCulturalism Without Assimilation.
Islamophobia? Really!?
Since When Is Following The Law A Crime?
What Happend To Consistent Application Of The Law?
Follow The Law Or Go To Jail
On The 14th Amendment
A Good Article On The Stupidity Of Political Correctness
What's The Old Saying About Not Learning From History?
One View Of Donald Trump's "Plan" To Deport All Illegal Immigrants
Eugenics & Planned Parenthood
Insight Into The Latest Planned Parenthood Scandal
The Ill Informed Surround Us
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Executive Orders
Get Us Off The Slippery Slope
Yet Another Example of Media Bias
Some Advice To Teen And Young Adult Males
On The Iran Deal
Society Has Gone Nuts
We're In Real Trouble If We Don't Look Out
On The SCOTUS Ruling On Same Sex Marriage
On The Confederate Flag
The Progressives' Goal - Divide and Rule
A Common Sense Look At The Global Warming Theories
The University of California's "New Rules"
A Look At Government Deficits
The Obama Administration On Illegal Immigration
Conceptual Solutions To What Ails Us
Is The World A Safer Place Under Obama's Policies?
Some Information on Islamic Sects
The Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama Administration
Continuing Influences of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Current Administration
Dealing With Radical Islamics
Fact Checking the 2015 SOTU
Which Of Our Presidents Is "All In" For Islam?

2014 - Post the 2014 Mid Term Elections

No Mention Of The Word "God"
Bill O'Reilly Interviews A Pacifist
For Those Who Agree With Our Current president That America Is Arrogant
Rule 39: "There is no such thing as coincidence." - Leroy Jethro Gibbs (NCIS)
'Black Lives Matter' - Or, Do They To Everyone?
Chris Rock - Prophet
NYPD Turns Back On De Blasio
How To Ruin A Company
Glenn Beck's 2014 Year In Review
Ignorance Begets Arrogance
Democracy By Fiat
What Is Wrong With Great Britian? FEAR! Coming Here Soon!
How Sad Is This Administration In Handling "OUR" Money?
A Few Government Oximorons
Corruption Truly Is A Black Art
Obama Looking Out For The American Worker
The Ferguson, MO Incident - November 2014
One Of The Better Economic Analyses On The ACA I've Found
Comments On Obama's Immigration Speech 2014
The Attorney General Offers Some Advice
The Florida Governor's Race - An Opinion
Some Real Facts About The Unemployment Rate
The Administration's Plan To Deal With Ebola - In Part

2014 - Up to the Mid Term Elections

Aiding And Abetting Is A Crime
On "Illegal" Aliens
On The Minimum Wage
25% Of Doctors Opt Out Of Obamacare
A Song For Our Times
Sen. Udall (D-CO) Has A Slight "Misspeak"
Articles Relating To The 2014 Mid-Term Elections
'True the Vote' Looses Legal Battle Against the IRS
Honoring Our World War II Heroes - 09.27.2014
A Documentary On The Islamic State
Where's this new disease hitting our kids coming from?
The Benghazi Interview - Fox news 09.05.2014
On A Fiduciary Approach To Curtailing Taxpayer Funded Presidential Vacations
A Letter To The Islamic State
On Holder/obama Being Involved In The Ferguson, MO Incident
Obama On The Appropriateness Of Vacations While Being President
How Safe Is Our Southern Border?
The Israel - Palestinian Conflict - An Historical Perspective
Charles Krauthammer on the "Moral Clarity In Gaza"
More On The Israel-Palestinian Issue
Who Has The Moral Highground re: the The Israel - Palestinian Conflict
A Message From Benjamin Netanyahu - Short And To The Point
An Egyptian "Take" On The Israel - Palestinian Conflict
My Solution To Sgt. Tahmooressi's Immediate Return
The Latest On The Current Administration's Plans For America?
Red Skelton - Should Be Mandatory Viewing By All Americans
A Note Or Two To Start The Year 2014
Let This NOT Be Our Future

A Comment Or Two On Global Warming
Are Islamics A Threat To America?
Our Iran "Deal" - Or, Neville Chamberlain Would Be Proud
Who Needs Congress Or The Constitution When You Have A Pen And A Phone
Free Enterprise Still Lives In The USA; Well, Maybe Not So Much Anymore
Best Obamacare Commercial Yet
The Bill of Rights As Interpreted By Obama - An Opinion
A Superior Article By Peggy Noonan
My Take On The 2014 State of the Union Address
The Unseemliness of Bias
NOW I Understand !!!
On Shrinking Our Military - An Article
On Hypocrisy
Putin Outlines A Plan
Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on the Enforce The Law act
Vladimir Putin - A Documentary Presentation
A Note or Two On Glenn Beck
Progressive's View Of Justice
An Update On The Justina Pelletier Case
The Terrorist Group, the Muslim Brotherhood, Takes a Legal Hit in Egypt
obama Disrespects Our Flag
Girl of 9 "Learns" What Sympathy and Individualism Mean In This Country Today
A True Instance of a TRAVESTY in American Justice
A Progressive Caught Lying Yet Again
Why I Drive A Cadillac
Old F-16s used As Drones?
Terrence Moore, Ph.D. - On Common Core
Building The Machine - A Common Core Documentary
The Typical obama Advocate
H. Clinton Tries To Answer What She Accomplished as Secretary of State
Jeb Bush Is In Need Of Help
Al Qaeda - Or, Have Fun With Toys
A Position On The Justina Pelletier Case
Bill Maher on Political Correctness
'Tis A Puzzlement
An Argument for Eradication
The DHS and a Special Terrorist List???
Jon Stewart on Harry Reid
The Voter ID Issue
Ah! That wonderful religion of "peace" speaks yet again!
They'll Blame Anything and Everything on Global Warming!
US Government Frees Thousands of Illegal Alien Criminals
Did The State Department (i.e., H. Clinton & Kerry) Break A Law And In So Doing Allowed Thousands Of Convicted Illegal Aliens To Go Free?
Rand Paul Speaks Against Obama's Nominee David Barron
Obama And His Prisoner Swap
Jimmy Kimmel Nails It
High Crmes and Misdemeanors
An American Muslim Woman Asks A Question
And The Lies Keep Coming
Megyn Kelly Conducts An Interview With Bill Ayers - Domestic Terrorist and The Guy Who Helped obama Launch his Campaign
TSA Allows Illegal Aliens On Commercial Flights Without IDs
Affirmative Action On Steroids

2009 Through 2013

Bill Whittle - Post Election Opinion
"You Didn't Build That" - Ayn Rand Has An Opinion
Bill Whittle Gets It Right - Again! - Still!
Bill O'Reilly Offers An Opinion or Two
Even Pravda Understands
Obama Looses One - Hurray for the USA
This Should Be Interesting - Stay Tuned for Further Updates
Obama and the Fiscal Cliff of 2013
Latest on the Fiscal Cliff of 2013
Do you run your financial affairs like this?
Why Work?
The Scam of All Scams
A Look at Presidential Elections : 1900 - 2012
Why Did The Political Parties "Switch" Sides?
Israel Takes Out The Leader of Hamas
'Political Correctness' Runs Amok - Again!
Jeffrey Immelt, Obama’s Jobs Council Head and the CEO of GE Talks About His View of the World
Is This The New Economic "Normal"?
Most Corrupt Politicians of 2012
'Les Miserables' and Obama
The Fallacy of Restrictive Gun Laws
One Marine's Letter To A (Disreputable) Member of Congress
A Test! Is this the NBA or the NFL?
The DAAP (Dumb As A Post) Award
Beck Starts a New Enterprise - Have To Wait and See!
Planned Parenthood - A Statistic
The $100k Bill - Interesting
obamacare and obama's "Executive Actions of 01.16.2013
And NOW For Something Really Scary - "Repothecation"
obama and just one of his friends
A Perspective on Hate in America
A National Prayer Breakfast Speech For Which One Can Only Pray
One of the Costs of Obamacare
One of the Effects of the CRA
People Wonder Why Muslims Don't Speak Out - An Example
96% of Blacks Voted for obama? Or, was it 48% voting twice?
THIS is the guy obama wants to head the CIA?
My Reaction To The State Of the Union Address - 02.12.2013
An Example Of How Our Government Is Protecting Us Here At Home
A Modern Horror Story - And A True One
Changing Facts To Suit Your Story
To Sequester Or Not To Sequester - A Failure In Management
Jay Leno On obama - 2 Good Ones
A Travesty Against Our Military
Your Tax Dollars Being Stolen - Or, How the Government Allows Fraud By Illegal immigrants
Death By Democrat - OR, An Alternate View Of Gun Control
Denny Crane (a.k.a. William Shatner) On Guns
HOLY CRAP! MSNBC Reports Something Without Progressive Bias
Food Stamp Abuse - Your Tax Dollars At Work
If Ever You Have Wondered If Hagel Is Bad For Secretary of Defense, This Should Be Sufficient
GAO Report - obamacare To Up The Deficit By $6.2T
Joe Biden on Guns & Protecting Yourself
Conservatives, Let's Keep It Honest
How To Spell Yet Another obama Appointee Loser - K E R R Y
I Wish Bill O'Reilly Would Just Say How He Really Feels About Something
What Does The Current Administration (2013) Think Of Lethal Drone Strikes on American Citizens WITHIN The United States- Without Trial?
Sequestration - Lies About The Impact
Recent Video Going "Viral" - On Wealth Inequality
And Speaking Of Benghazi, . . .
OK. NOW, The Government Has Gone Too Far !!!!
Dianne Feinstein On Gun Control
The Muslim Brotherhood in America - A 10 Part Course on the Muslim Brotherhood
God Help Us !!!!!!!
WOW! I Sure Do Feel Better Now !!!!!!!
The White House Seems To Have A Difficulty With Geography
A Group of Black Leaders Discuss the NRA
The Progressive Death Spiral
Obama Quotes Alinsky
Glenn Beck on Cyprus & Other Stuff
Bill Whittle Does It Again. This Time, As The "Virtual" President, He Offers His Thoughts On Gun Control
AGENDA - Grinding America Down
Watch Out For That Carbon Tax
How To Get Ahead In Today's College Environment - Be A Terrorist!
The Progressive Movement Has Hit An All Time Low
'The Iron Lady' - Margaret Thatcher (10.13.1925 - 04.08.2013) - R.I.P.
Today's News Headlines In Summary
Kerry - China - Missile Defense
Bad Senators
Gun Control - Obama Is "O'Bummed"
Forbes Magazine Article On obama's Proposed Budget
OK. What Is Unemployment Really?
WARNING! Coming To A City Or Town Near You
Points On Which Are Hard To Disagree
On Whose Side Is Our President?
Interim Report on Benghazi by the 'House'
LOOK! No Problem Here!
Here is a picture of our Congressman, Bill Posey, with a quote on government regulations. He is one of the good guys.

(Judge) Jeanine Pirro Has A Comment Or Two On The 'Boston Bomber' Family
The Reason God Allowed Guns To be Invented
The Taxes of Obamacare
The "ObamaPhone" - Your Tax Dollars at Waste
Yet Another Example Of Society Gone Nuts
On The Boston Bombings - Whos's kidding Who?
When The Government States Something Be Certain To Listen CAREFULLY!
Political Correctness - An Opinion On Terms
'Audacity' Correctly Defined
Another Example Of MSNBC Falsifying The News
The Occupy Movement Has Been At It Again
Even The Progressive Media Starts Real "Journalism"
Christians Are Fleeing The Muslim World
DOJ Report - More Guns = Less Crime - No Surprise Here
Glenn Beck Has A Few Comments On the Benghazi Incident
Glenn Beck' Staff's Documentary On The Plight Of Coptic Christians In Egypt & Human Trafficing In America
Now, ABC News Starts To Report Truth
"Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain!"
IRS Targeted Conservative Groups Prior To the 2012 Election
On The Claim The YouTube Video Caused The Benghazi Incident
Gimme That Ole Time Sharia.....It's Good Enough For Me - NOT!
The Obama Administration's Scandals - So Far
This Is A Lady Who Understands
Obamacare - An Update: Coming To A State Near You
Barack Obama: The Ghost of Columbia University
Glenn Beck's Rant On Obama's View Of America
Jon Stewart on the Obama Administration's Scandals
Ray Stevens On Immigration - Tellin' It Like It is
Government "Snooping" Off Limits To Mosques
A Democrat Senator Turns Republican. Why? Let Him tell You.
A Quick Overview Of The Senate Immigration Bill
Egypt Has A Coup On July 3, 2013. Or, The Signs Say It All.
The Russians Are Coming ??
An Opinion Truly Worth Considering
Check Out Who Is Running For The Governor Of Virginia - 2013
More Cost Escalation for obamacare
The DHS Helps Illegal Activity - Yet Again
My First Guess Is That The Egyptian Military Leaders Do Not Favor The Terrorist Sponsoring Muslim Brotherhood
An Opinion Truly Worth Reading
Islam And The World - An Opinion and Commentary
Obama Forgets His Place
"..In The Back Of The Bus..."
If you're going to lie, then...
An Interpretation of PolitiSpeak
Putin On America
I Have An Idea: Let's Give Weapons To Those Who Have Sworn To Kill Us!
This President On Current "Things Financial"
Kerry Signs UN Arms Treaty
Radical Islamic Influence in Boston
A Democrat Senator Displays His "Vast" Knowledge
How To Cut Through The Spin About ObamaCare Premiums
Article By Palin On The Obamacare Vote
The Goverment "Shutdown"?
If You Want To Know What's REALLY Going On, . . .
A '60 Minutes' Report on Benghazi - A Damning Report On The obama Administration
A Short Political Humor Piece
What All Of Us Knew Wrapped Up In One Article
An Analogy Of Approaches To The US Debt Ceiling
QUICK! The President's Pants Are On Fire!
Neil Cavuto Has A Say on Obama
7 Little Facts About obamacare
Sen. Roberts (R. Kansas) to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius - Tellin' It Like It Is, As It Were!
Obama Gives His Union Friends A Break On Obamacare
Is A Fence Good Border Security? Maybe Not !
Obama Offers A Solution To The "You Can Keep Your Plan" Fiasco.
The 'Knockout Game' - Or, Why A CCW And Its Accessory Are A 'Must Have' For Today's America
Pope 'Frank' Has A Message For us All
And, For Today's Dose Of Disrespect I Give You Barack Hussein Obama
Leno's Interview With President George Bush
Everything You Didn't Want To Know About 'Common Core'
Think Obama's Iran Deal Is Good For The US?
Nowhere Left To Shop
Darrell Issa's Report To Congress On obamacare "Helpers"
Was There Really A "9/11" Coverup?
An Opinion On Today's War On Religion

A Look at 3 Political Myths

Democracy vs. Socialism

A Take on Today's "Social Justice".

"Redistribution of Wealth" - A Look At Its "Fairness".

Can We Pay Off Our National Debt or Balance Our Federal Budget?

Reducing our Federal Deficit - Or, the GSA needs to be reeled in!

So, How Are We Doing Economically In Our Great Country?

Some Thoughts On The Second Amendment To Our Constitution

Was Abraham Lincoln Truly "The Great Emancipator"? Let's see.

So, You REALLY Want To Fix Congress, etc.?

Increased Regulations On The Financial Industry - OR, "The Dog And The Frisbee"

How About "Fairness" - Or Even Accuracy - in the Media's Coverage Of Things?

For Fun - Some Spin Of My Own

Does A Formal Education Make You Smart?

A Way To Get What You Want - But, Be Careful.

Freedom OF Religion not Freedon FROM Religion

A View on Entitlements.

Why the Health Care Law is NOT Constitutional - Independent of what the Supreme Court Ruled.

Paul Ryan's Take on the Affordability of the Health Care Law - 2009.

A Solutional Concept to Health Care in America

Is Social Security Constitutional?

Dinesh DSouza Offers Comments On ObamaCare

A Solutional Concept to the Illegal Immigration Issue in America

Where At Least Some of Your Shopping Money Goes - Politically!

Where Are the Employees of Corporations Donating Their Money Politically?

Where's Your Money Going? - An Analogy

The "Fluke" Effect

The Destruction of America from Within - article by Bonnie Eggle

Henry Lamb is the author of "The Rise of Global Governance," Chairman of Sovereignty

International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.

Henry Lamb on "Global Governance"

Truly amazing! Bill Maher actually put more than 2 sequential sentences

together with which I agree.

(Most often his initials are a sufficient description of his worth.)

Bill Maher Says Something Intelligent

"Choice" vs. "Right to Life"

Good for Employment - Republican or Democrat?

George Carlin's Take On Political Bipartisanship

The Communist Manifesto as Relates to Today's America

The 10 Pillars of Communism

2 Videos: Paul Harvey's original presentation of "If I Were The Devil" and "If I Wanted America To Fail"- by By Ryan Houck, Free Market America - The second video was inspired by Paul Harvey's classic essay, "If I were the devil"

A Discussion on Same Sex Marriage

Who Are Muslims and What Do they Believe?

Islam - Historical Views

Views on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

The Muslim Brotherhood's 'The Project'

Are Radical Islamics a Threat to Our Country?

A German's View on Islam

Glenn Beck's Presentation of "Rumors Of War"

A Muslim Cleric Calls for a Boycott on All Things Jewish

Words to ponder spoken at a rally for Egypt's new president, Morsi - OR, where is Moshe Dayan when you need him?

Hopefully this is a rare example of the teaching of Muslim children

re: the above link - Maybe Not!

Jeff Foxworthy on Radical Muslims

Is The Federal Reserve Your Friend?

America's Vote Recording Sold to Foreign Company

Our Treatment of our Vets - Abysmal! - An Example

Continuing - Our Abysmal Treatment of our Vets

'America Will Always Stand' by Randy Travis

A Patriotic Video From Oklahoma State University

Examples of Progressive/Liberal Logic as seen from the Conservative side

Racial Overtones in Today's America

What is 'Black Liberation Theology' ?

"How I became George Obama's 'brother' " - By Dinesh D'Souza

If only our current president (i.e., in 2012)

had the same sentiment about our country as

these Irish ladies.

Celtic Woman - 'O' America'

The UN's Agenda 21 and The UN on Social Justice

Obama on the Rule of Law

Obama, The First President Who . . .

One Military Hero's View on Obama

Why Calling Obama Black Is Racist!

Book Quotes Attributed to Obama

Obama On The Responsibility For Success In Business

On the "Demonization" of Obama

One Person's Take On "Obamacare"

Any New Taxes Offered By "Obamacare"?

The Downside of "Obamacare" Sees Its Begining

Sgt. Friday and Bill Gannon Have A Few Words To Say

Are Voter ID Laws Biased Against Minorities?

Dinesh D'Souza, President of Kings College, discusses Obama

Bullets for EVERYBODY - except "We The People".

'Fast and Furious' Goes To The Middle East.

Why You Should NOT Rely On A Teleprompter As Your Main Source Of Knowledge - Especially When One's Not There or Is Broken

Promises are great, trying to keep your promises is good; but, remember the words of "Yoda".

OK everybody, let's all try real hard to spell 'irony'. Hint: it's spelled "Be careful that when you accuse others it's not what you do".

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