On Fake News

Or, What a Great Congressman We Have Here In Florida, Bill Posey (R-FL)!

Back in the middle of November 2017 I ran across an article that truly upset me. It had to do with a bill being put forth by Congressman Phil Poe (R-TN). This supposed bill would start charging our men and women in the US Military for GI Benefits.

I was incensed. So, I wrote up one my articles on this situation and forwarded to our Congressman here, Bill Posey.

He was incredulous. He indicated that Phil Roe would never do such a thing and that he, Bill Posey, had heard nothing of this "bill".

Now, before writing my article I looked at several news sources to try and validate my understanding of this "bill's" intent. All that I read confirmed my perception.

Bill Posey called Phil Roe and asked about it. Further, Bill asked that Phil call me to discuss the issue.

Now, living in Florida, I am not exactly a constituent of Roe's. Congressman Roe called anyway.

Without going into detail, the published stories of this "bill" were totally false - across the board. Further, the actual bill enhanced our Military member's benefits. Good for Phil !!! Job Well Done !!!

The real issue here is that when one has a representative in Congress that actually takes the time to support their constituents the way Bill Posey did, and does on a daily basis, it only restores one's faith in the election process.

My sincere thanks and admiration go out to Bill Posey and to Phil Roe for their attention to and caring for "We The People".