Is There Hypocrisy In The Women's Marches Against Trump And His Administration?

So far this year, 2017, there have been two women's marches against Trump and his administration. And, such marches are perfectly within the rights of these women to do so - agree with their opinions or not. And, quite frankly, I applaud their energy and dedication.

But, aside from the fact that the leaders of these marches have excluded women who didn't "toe the progressive line", there are other puzzlements.

Where are these women who march against Trump on speaking out and demonstrating against "Female Genital Mutilation" (i.e., FGM)? For all the adherents of Sharia Law that these same women seem to feel are but mere "refugees" coming into our country, where is the outrage against the brutal practice of FGM? Be aware that according to the just-released survey of Muslims, a majority (51%) agreed that “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.”

If you would like to view Sharia Law directly on this subject, see "Volume 1, Page 21a" of This Link.

Here is a link to Islam's "position" on FGM.

Scotland of all places recently has made the news re: FGM. A single (i.e., one) midwife there performs about 150 such "procedures" a year - despite that FGM is illegal there. And, apparently she is not alone in the illegal practice in Scotland. Looking closely at this, no prosecutions of this illegal activity have happened.

But, this is the USA, you say. Well, not so fast there with the retort. See This and see This.

Where are the protests of these women who march against Trump against the United Nations? I would expect any woman who supported the female gender to be truly up in arms against the UN.

Why the UN? Well, take Iran for instance. It has a "top spot" on the UN's Human Rights Council (UNHRC). You know, Iran, which treats women no better than slaves and kills gays just because they can and such treatment is dictated by Sharia Law.

Here is a list of all countries condemned by the UNHRC over a 10 year span:

Israel has been condemned more times by the UN than all the other countries combined. Israel, where everyone is treated equally under their laws - men, women, gays - everyone.

Now, contrast that list with countries which follow Sharia Law.

For all such future "marches", consider:

Back in the 1960s Dr. M. L. King marched FOR something - justice and equality.

In the early 1900s women protested and marched FOR something - women's right to vote.

With all the recent protests and demonstrations, including the women's marches, I have yet to determine what an objective, specific outcome is expected. It seems only to be AGAINST something, not FOR anything.

Maybe marching FOR something may be a better course of action than marching AGAINST something.

Feeling strong emotions for and about women's issues is understandable.

But, let's not be hypocritical while doing so.