The Case Of The Tweeting Trump

The news these days is all-ablaze with Trump's Tweets. "Unpresidential!", we hear. "He's lost his mind.", "Shouldn't he be running the country rather than tweeting?" - all these and more.

Well, perhaps all these are true. But, I have another, more plausible theory. (Is anyone surprised that I have a theory on this?)

And OK, I just "may be" projecting some of my own personality and management experiences here, but the facts seem to fit my theory. So, here it is:

Point 1: It seems that the entire Democrat Party feels that Trump should not be the president. Many Republicans, as well, seem to feel the same. And, that feeling is shared by the progressive media in spades.

Point 2: Trump's detractors, on a daily basis, seem to think nothing of offering malicious attacks and insults against him and his family.

Point 3: He appears to operate based on a line Patrick Swayze offered in the movie 'Road House'. Or, he'll be extremely nice and fair unless he's attacked. Then, he'll attack back harder and stronger than the original attack. It's nothing more than a defensive, ego thing. Many of us suffer from this!

Point 4: Trump's business history is one of successful negotiating.

Point 5: Illusionists (i.e., "magicians") are the worlds best at misdirecting. (Weren't expecting that one were you?)

Anyway, it should be an easy conclusion to reach that points 2 & 3 go very handily together.

Having had numerous occasions to do some high-level negotiating myself (not at Trump's level to be sure), it is easy for me to reason the following:

During a negotiation, it is most advisable to determine what the other party cares little about and that you want and trade that for something you care little about that the other party wants. When both sides do this, everybody wins.

But, every now and then you wind up across the table in a negotiation with, how shall I put it?; oh yeah, it's a technical term, "an asshole". They want only to take and are willing to give nothing. If what is discussed next, below, fails, then one simply walks away from the negotiation to fight another battle another day.

So, in a situation like this it is time to pull the "illusionist" trick. Set up a misdirection so as to have the other person get totally focused on something that matters little to you but you make it appear as it's everything to you. 9 times out of 10, they fall for it. Why? Not because they're stupid, necessarily. More that they have become emotional - the first key to defeat.

So, that brings me back to "tweeting".

Trump offers his tweets on a more than daily basis. The progressive media, talk show "pundits", and the people who listen to these media & pundits go nuts. Everybody's focus is on the tweets. IT'S A MISDIRECT!!!

Now, while Trump's tweets occupy all the news "bandwidth", let's see what has been going on behind the tweets.

The House has passed 158 Bills. That's more than each of the last 4 administrations at this point in their tenures.

The President has signed 37 Bills into law. That's also more than each of the last 4 administrations at this point in their tenures.

The US Stock Market has gained $2 trillion in value.

The US Debt has decreased by over $100 Billion.

The US Manufacturing Index has soared to a 33 year high.

601,000 jobs have been added to the economy.

Unemployment has decreased by 775,000.

Illegal immigration is down 67% since President Trumpís Inauguration.

NATO's Allied spending is up $10 Billion.

And, of course, much more.

Trump crazy? Not presidential? No, he's playing his detractors for the inexperienced, "big league" wannabe people that they are.

And, people think that all Trump does is tweet. Silly people!