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To me, sometimes other peoples' cultures should be eliminated and reside thereafter as only a footnote in history; and, those who adhere to such culture(s) should be removed from the human gene pool.

Denmark: Muslim “Honor Rapes” Daugther’s Boyfriend

by Nicolai Sennels, June 3, 2017

Apparently, raping your daughter’s boyfriend at gunpoint is “honorable.”

Family problems within the Islamic cultural circle are undoubtedly in their own league.

The 22-year-old boyfriend was asked to meet with his girlfriend’s brother. At the meeting, the boyfriend was asked to get into a car, where he was pepper-sprayed and driven to a garage in nearby Tilst.

There the girl’s father was waiting with a gun. The 22-year-old was tied up, had his clothes removed, and was doused in gasoline while being threatened to be burned to death. The father also pointed the gun several times at the 22-year-old’s head and pulled the trigger in a faked execution. The father also raped the young man several times.

The torture lasted for two hours and was described as “honor” related.

The father and brother have been sentenced to five years in prison.

The girl and her family live in Gellerup, a Muslim-majority area in Aarhus, Denmark.