Democrats Say The Darndest Things

Unlike many of my articles, this one is pretty short.

I often read that the Democratic Party is scratching its head trying to figure out what is wrong.

Since former President Obama was elected the first time, the Democrats have lost over 1,000 political "seats", including the 2016 run for the Presidency and the last 4 special Congressional seat elections.

Clearly they have an issue; and, rightly so, they are trying to determine the cause and the cure.

While driving in my car this morning I happen to catch an interview with a Democrat politician, pundit, or other such. I am truly sorry I failed to get his name. He was doing a good job of trying to answer the "what has gone wrong" question.

In his answer to one specific question as to "Has the Democrat Party lost touch with the people overall?", he gave what I considered a fairly detailed and to-the-point answer - no attempt at evasion, or the like.

However, there was one sentence that stood out above all the rest. I believe that, without his realizing it, he hit upon THE answer.

The Sentence? "We [meaning the Democrat Party] need to do a much better job of telling the people what OUR values are."

When we vote for city councilman, state representatives, governor, members of Congress, and, yes, the president, we are voting to have these people represent us in government.

We do not vote for these people to adhere to THEIR values or to do what THEY would like to do. They are supposed to work for us, not themselves or even their party.

Politicians should focus on the values of the people whom they wish to represent and craft political messages and policies accordingly.

If one strips away everything else, I don't think the issues which the Democrats have are any more difficult than that.

And, I don't think this is an issue with the Democrats alone.