Megyn Kelly Bombs Right Out Of The Gate

To me, it's hard to imagine that with all the buildup to a new show, "starring" a high profile news person, AND as her first interview she has Vladimir Putin, that anyone could have received such a low viewership.

Well, Megyn Kelly was able to do just that. You can watch the interview HERE.

With all the publicity she's received of late, it's most likely that the average American viewer, rightly in my opinion, has absolutely no trust in whatever she is offering.

Her interview with Putin was a classic case of Never Bring A Progressive News Person To An IQ Fight!

Her main thrust of questions to Putin, not surprisingly, was in regard to the unproven (as yet) "Russians Hacked The 2016 Election" conspiracy theory.

Putin's body language when answering her questions reminded me of the scene in the movie "Arthur" where Lisa Minnelli confronts Arthur's fiancÚ. As in, "I'm so sorry; I didn't realize you were that stupid." Now, of course, Putin never uttered those exact words - but, he came close a couple of times.

The questions she asked that highlighted her ignorance of what she spoke deals with evidence she claims that pointed to the Russians. That is, 2 main things: 1) IP (i.e., Internet Protocol) addresses of the IT intrusions; and, 2) the "footprints" of the "hacks" could be traced to prior (assumed) Russian attacks.

Putin's responses to these types of questions are trying to point out how naive Kelly is on the issues. Anyone with a minimal experience-base on things like this should be aware of the naivetÚ of Kelly's questions. For those having little or no experience in things "IT" and wish to see what is meant here, Click Here.

Even if one has no experience with IT, Putin's basic response was valid; i.e., "IP addresses can be invented, you know." . . ."There are a lot of specialists that can make it look so it comes from your home IP address; as if your 3-year old daughter carried out the attack."

At this point in time no one can prove the Russians did anything or that they didn't. Do the Russians have the ability? Yes! But, so does almost any 16-year old who likes hacking - no matter where they may live.

Kelly has got to do better than this to stay relevant - which seems to be her only objective.