College Anyone?

Apparently, the college/university system in this country has run amok. Constantly, it seems, the media is flooding us with stories of people not being allowed to speak at universities due to "political correctness" madness. Specifically, any guest who supports conservative values - in any way - is deemed too offensive to speak.

Here is a short list of examples of universities doing exactly as described above.

The latest of these episodes is noteworthy because the "student" demands go beyond speech. These "students" demand that whites leave the campus for a day, that a teacher be fired for refusing to do so, and issues demands of the college president that go way beyond reasonableness.

Here is a list of "demands" make under threat of violence at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington: (Note: the words of the demands listed below are the students' - not my interpretations.)

“We demand that Officer Timothy O’Dell be fired and suspended without pay while an investigation take place.”

“We demand the immediate firing of Andrea Seabert Olsen from all Evergreen State College positions.”

“We demand Bret Weinstein be suspended immediately without pay but all students receive full credit.”

“We demand the immediate disarming of police services and no expansion of police facilities or services at any point in the future.”

“We demand mandatory sensitivity and cultural competency training for faculty, staff, administrators, and student employees.”

“We demand the creation of an equity center.”

“We demand for the coordinator of the Trans & Queer Center to be permanently hired full time.”

“We demand the creation of a position that will support undocumented students.”

“We demand that the video created for Day of Absence and Day of Presence that was stolen by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the students and staff be taken down by the administration by this Friday.”

Now, as one would expect, the students complimented their requests (oops, sorry - demands) with well reasoned logic supporting their positions, cost trade-offs as to how the college can stay within its budget should such demands be met, measures to counteract any negative fallout from meeting the demands, and the like. You know, like any proposal for change should include. Well, apparently not!

1. Click Here for a video of one of the teachers trying to reason with the students.

2. Click Here for a video of another teacher being harassed and the school's president addressing - or trying to address - the students' demands.


3. Click Here for a video of an interview with the teacher from video number 1, above. Now, this teacher is self-described as being politically progressive. Therefore, the students should have expected him to better understand their demands than some others might be. You can see from video #1 how that worked out.

So, how did all this turn out? Well, the college president agreed to all of their demands save any termination of teachers - at least for now.

Now, we should not be surprised as this is how the college describes itself on their Internet Home Page: "Evergreen is a progressive, public liberal arts and sciences college located in Olympia, Washington, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest."

Maybe it's because I'm getting too old. But, with all the news about college students demanding "safe spaces" because of words that scare them, demanding separate facilities - even separate dorms - for people of different races, sexual orientations, differing political beliefs, etc., I may have missed something.

America has long been held as a great "Melting Pot" where peoples of all sorts of backgrounds, beliefs, and desires can assimilate into a peaceful & productive environment. Does it always work perfectly? Of course not, we are all humans after all.

It appears, however, that our centers of higher learning are fostering more and more separateness among our young where one group pits itself against another. This is the opposite of assimilation - exactly what we see happening in Europe today.

With regard to the happenings at Evergreen State College, I am truly puzzled. I always thought the The Civil Rights Act of 1964 kind of settled the legal issue of segregation. Was I wrong?

These students want whites off campus for a “Day of Absence”. For what logical reason?

In the movie "A Few Good Men", Jack Nicholson's character, in a famous scene, blurts out "You can't handle the truth!". It is not clear to me which set of students/teachers can't handle the truth here. Is it the whites or those who want the whites to leave the campus? The protesting students never make this clear.

In 2 of the videos above, the word racist is slung about freely by the protesting students. Well, apparently these protesting students are fitting the strict definition of racist to a tee. And, racist is defined as believing that a given race is superior - or inferior - to another.

So, the protesting students believe either that whites can't handle the truth or that the protesting students, themselves, can't. Or, whichever group can't handle the truth must be inferior to the other. Such an idea definitely fits the definition of racist.

With what our colleges are turning out these days, I fear for our collective future. These types of students are not called snowflakes without reason.

I wonder - often - if these types of students EVER worry about gaining employment after school.

Back when I was working I was ultimately responsible for the selection of people to work in my organization. This may be a wrong process, but, . . .

Any student applying for a job whose resume' showed graduation from a school that offered, supported, allowed, or encouraged safe spaces of any kind, would not be considered. And, I am not alone in this feeling.

Yes, the vast numbers of college students, no matter their school, are more than likely not those who needed or demanded safe spaces. But, why take the risk?

And, reading stories like the above, I have some questions:

1. Where are these kids parents?

2. What exactly are the admission criteria for these colleges?

3. Who is actually paying for these kids' educations? The taxpayer?

4. Why aren't these kids too busy learning to have time for such childish behavior - not to mention criminal behavior such as threatening college professors with harm?

5. How is it that a college would let - and even foster - such behavior?

6. Why aren't such students immediatley expelled?

"'Tis a puzzlement", as Yul Brynner was wont to say.