Our New President - My Initial Assessment

Donald Trump is and was a successful manager in business and in negotiations first and foremost.

Having been in management most of my career (certainly not at his level by any stretch of the imagination), I can see traits in Trump that will serve or Nation well. From what I can gather he insists on loyalty, honesty, and hard work. Success is what counts; but, as much as ultimate success, how one gains that success is just as critical.

He will treat others as they treat him, but more so - kind of the 'The Golden Rule' with a "pay back" twist - both positive and negative. An example of what I mean: It's OK to complain about or criticize his actions, but do not lie or shade the truth in doing so. Or, if you wish, seek guidance from the main media sources on this. I am certain by now they can provide you with concrete examples.

The media has unfairly painted him as racist, Islamophobic, misogynistic, and other not too kind adjectives. Remembering that in management it's successful results that count, a person's results are what matter most - not anything else; not their gender, color, religion, or what have you. And, Trump is very successful. Let that sink in for a bit. The media's portrayal is: LOGIC = FAIL !!!

One of my 'sayings' in my career was "Know what you don't know and live by it!". From Trump's cabinet picks (so far) he is living by this principle. The people he has selected to support his administration seem to offer experiences which he doesn't have. Good for him and, ultimately, good for our Country. Surrounding yourself with those who think like you and act like you stifles, and can even prohibit, innovation, growth, and problem solving.

As we judge our new president, remember what his job actually is.

He, and as all presidents have, swore an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution. This oath includes all laws of our Nation. There are laws which may not please us and there are some things in the Constitution which may not please us. However, the job of the president is not to please us, it's to uphold the laws of our Nation. We The People can certainly plead to have a law changed or to even plead to have the Constitution changed. Until such happens it is our job to follow them. Doing so cements and maintains our civilization. Selective applications of our laws leads to a breakdown in civility, potential chaos, and government overreach.

Trump, I believe, faces a not insignificant issue - He's Not In Charge. As a manager in business, one makes a decision, it is implemented, and the results of the decision are what they are - good, bad, or indifferent. As president, he must seek and obtain "permission", basically, from Congress. This is totally different than the environment which made him successful.

I intend on capturing what the president says he'll do and, then, measure the results. Should he at least attempt to accomplish what he says, then trust on his word is built - whether I like what he said or not. As long as what he intends holds to the oath he took, that is a positive step.

His actual legacy will unfold as time passes.