President Trump & Prime Minister Netanyahu Meet, February 15, 2017

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu gave a joint news conference on 02.15.2017. Their remarks pointed out that, though there may be political/policy disagreements (e.g., on Isralei settlements), such need not lead to a loss of friendship, neither personal nor on a National level. I would encourage everyone to watch the full news conference by Clicking Here.

Much was addressed in the news conference. However, there were two takeaways that I found most interesting - both offered by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The first offers his unwavering position on the Israeli-Palestinian land dispute and Israel's negotiation position on the issue.

The second requires a bit of explanation.

Prime Minister Netanyahu offered this: "Rather than deal with labels, I want to deal with substance."

His statement struck me as critical to us here in the good ole USofA today. The political landscape, as we see constantly via media sources, focuses mainly on all things negative. Words such as racist, Islamophobic, and Fascist are all too often used by left-leaning politicians and protestors against our current president and almost all actions he takes.

The media gives great coverage of such protests but never points out that those using these words, apparently, have no idea what these words actually mean.

I did an article a while back on this subject. It may be illustrative to review the article.

Mr. Netanyahu's one sentence above should offer us all something to consider. The use of name calling, slander, etc., does very little to advance someone's cause - especially when such words are uttered from ignorance.

Labels, especially ones not based on facts, will not help to bring our Nation together. Substance in our conversations will. By substance I mean fact-based positions and NOT fact-avoidance propaganda as exampled by THIS.