President Trump's Address To Congress - 02.28.2017

President Donald Trump gave his first speech to a joint session of Congress. The speech ran 1 hour in length. To watch his entire speech, Click Here.

If you would prefer to read the text of his speech, Click Here.

As a Trump supporter, so far at least, I found his speech to be outstanding in every way - delivery, message, and content.

Why do I say "so far"? There's an old saying: "One 'oh, shit!' cancels 1,000 'at-a-boys' ". He could make what I consider a serious breach of trust, or a very large mistake, which could change my view. I do not see those as likely events; but, I never make future, forever commitments on anything - almost (My Wife, My Children, My Grandchildren, and My Country being notable exceptions).

What I found most interesting about the speech was the Democrats' reaction.

Of course the Democrats are upset with their loss in the past election. And, if all the news reports can be believed, they are totally against "anything Trump". I kind of understand this.

However, the Democrats even failed to stand and applaud during the tribute to fallen Navy Seal, William "Ryan" Owens - well, with the exception of a few.

One can show displeasure without disrespecting someone who gave his life for his country. Pitiful!

Again, the Democrats applauded for nothing Trump offered. Here's why I think such actions were not in the Democrat's best interests and show a high level of infantility and naivete':

There were many things Trump offered that should appeal to everyone; tax cuts for the middle class, decreasing crime, eliminating drug gangs across the Nation, destroying ISIS, supporting law enforcement, etc.

By showing support for things you DO agree with lets the President and his support staff know where there are areas of agreement. Later, after these things have been put in place, a "dissenter" can use these accomplishments to "negotiate" for things the President does not yet support. As in: "Hey, I helped you with (a list). Now, I need you, Mr. President, to help me with support to my constituents." Such leads to bi-partisan compromise - or, the way our Republic is supposed to work.

Being an "obstructionist" on everything will never, and I mean never, give you what you want. It's called human nature.

Actually, what I found most interesting was the Democrats' response to President Trump's speech given by former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear.

I'll cut him a little slack seeing as how he referred to himself as both a Democrat & a Republican. Giving a speech can be a little difficult.

The first part of Beshear's response sounded much like a "short version" of Trump's speech. It was Trump's message in different words. Curious, I felt.

He then went into things he didn't like with no supporting definition or evidence. For example, he offered that one of Trump's first executive orders made it harder for families to afford a mortgage. To what exactly did he refer? Was it THIS? If so, this is to reduce risks to lenders who give loans to people with a credit score in the mid-500s - high risk credit, to be kind. I don't see this as a BIG issue.

Next, he condemned "rolling back rules". The more rules and regulations "We The People" are subjected to, the more it costs us and the less freedoms we actually have. Just consider: with the Affordable Care Act (ACA - i.e., "Obamacare") there are 20,000 pages of rules and regulations for which no one, we nor members of Congress, voted on. How cumbersome must THAT be to an effective, workable system?

He also accused Trump of intending to "rip" affordable health care away from us all. Any decent analysis of the ACA's actual operation shows that not only are premiums much higher now, but the deductibles effectively make such insurance a "no-op" for most people.

As to health care, Beshear also stated, as though it was fact, that Trump thought people of lower incomes didn't deserve health care. What kind of garbage is this? No facts, not even an hint of any evidence to support such a notion. This type of statement is, these days, called fake news - or as I like to call it, "A LIE".

This response from the Democrats did little to further their agenda. Even MSNBC agrees with me here.

As time marches on, we'll just have to wait and see what the President actually does.