Chuck Schumer - Ignorant or Liar?

'Meet The Press' (03.05.17) had as a guest Sen. Chuck Schumer. The interview was about the current "Trump vs. the Russians" controversary. During the interview Sen. Schumer made the following statement:

"I don't have any doubt that President Obama has been telling the truth."

The remark was in reference to ex-President Obama's assertion that he did not "bug" President Donald Trump's office.

A question to Sen. Schumer:

" doubt Obama has been telling the truth." REALLY!?

Chuck, were you talking about the exact same ex-President Obama who even lied about the circumstances concerning his own conception? Is that correct? (Click Here for the proof)

Well, Chuckie, you are either too ignorant of recent history to be in public office of any kind or a liar. Choose either.