It's America! Everyone (Including Corporations) Has The Right To Be Stupid

In the news we see corporations taking a stand against the President. Let's see, there are Nordstrom's, KMart, Sears, and others.

Oh, these corporations offer that the reasons not to carry Ivanka's line of clothes, the Trump labeled furniture, etc., are due to sales issues on those products. But, it is fairly clear that those excuses are less than "full disclosure". This is especially obvious considering the timing of their actions; almost directly after Trump's "travel ban".

This article is not about the legality of the travel ban; because it is legal per 8 U.S. Code (f) 1182 - Inadmissible aliens.

No, this article addresses the true objective of corporations in this country.

We generally think about corporations being in the business of selling goods or offering services. For a few examples: selling clothes, selling general household products, selling cars, offering internet access, and the like. And, in the pursuit of their business goals they can, hopefully, make a profit.

That view is a surface view only. Any corporation is actually in the business of generating value to their stockholders. If I'm invested in a corporation, I have no interest in that corporation's political ideology. My sole concern is that the stock I own increases in value. Any action that a corporation takes which jeopardizes increased stock value is not a good thing.

The president or CEO, etc., of said corporation, of course, is totally free to have a personal political ideology with which I may or may not agree. This is America, after all. However, when such personal ideological agendas creep into the operations of the company, this MAY NOT be in my (i.e., the stockholders) best interest.

Consider that 1/2 voted for Trump; the other half did not. Why would any company want to have 1/2 of their potential customer base view the company's actions in a manner that alienates those same customers? Seems rather stupid!

Having nothing to do with Trump, just look what happended to Target after their unpopular, ideological actions with their bathroom policy.

But, this is America; people and corporations are free to act as stupidly as they wish. True - even if some corporations seem to do just the OPPOSITE of this well known adage.