Maxine Waters - The Second Most Intelligence-Challenged Person In Congress

The title of this article leads to the obvious question, "Who is the MOST intelligence-challenged person in Congress?"

That honor belongs to Hank Johnson of Georgia, HANDS DOWN! Click Here for the evidence.

Now, to the focus of this article.

Ms. Waters' intelligence gaffes are almost legendary. Just do a google search on her for lots of examples.

Now, a person's intelligence capability is genetic and not a thing to use as criticism - it's merely a statement of fact. Being smart has more to do with what one does with the intelligence one has. But, when one combines what we used to call "being a bit slow" with either not telling the truth (you know, "lying") or not knowing the meaning of the words used, this should not be acceptable for a person representing the American people in Congress.

The specific example to which I refer is Ms. Waters' recent interview on MSNBC. The interview started off by the host showing a "tweet" by Ms. Waters:

A bit later in the interview Ms. Waters stated "I have not called for impeachment." Click Here for the edited clip showing the above.

In the complete 2-minute interview (Click Here) even the MSNBC host asks her what are Trump's "impeachable offenses" and "should we wait to call for impeachment until we have the answers (i.e., to criminal activity or not)?" Her answers were couched in "possibles, not yet evidenced", and the like. Clearly, she has no idea of what she is saying or what her statements/"tweets" actually mean.

To the American People:

You Get What You Vote For!