"Fast Terry" McAuliffe Is At It Again

Terry McAullife has announced his intention to run for President of the United States in 2020.

McAulliffe is one of the few Democrats who possibly has a worse "character" reputation, to those who read, than Hillary Clinton.

Yes, he is a past Governor of the State of Virginia. Had Virginians taken the time to research McAullife prior to their voting for him they would easily have found THIS - a more damning video would be hard to find. This is a MUST WATCH video for anyone who cares about our Nation.

Surely the Democrats have at least a few honest people in their party. One seems to be former Vice President Joe Biden. I believe that had Biden run against Trump, Biden would have won.

With all the stories of corruption deep within the Democrat Party, should the Democrats wish to actually win in 2020, they should start to embrace Biden NOW and put McAullife "out of their and our misery".

McAullife is a despicable person - of course, that's just my opinion.