The Democrat Party 2017 - A Commentary

It is apparent that, subsequent to the election in 2016, the Democrat Party is finally realizing it has a problem.

Common sense should have made this abundantly clear to them long before now.

They won big in 2008. They had the presidency and both houses of Congress. The Democrats' message of socialism sold widely across the Nation. They were in "hog heaven", as it were.

But, as the Nation experienced what that really meant, people's minds seemed to long for a different time - things weren't as they had hoped. The "Hope and Change" promised was turning into "I HOPE It Doesn't CHANGE Too Much More!".

In 2010, just 2 years later, the Democrats lost the House. In 2014, 4 years after that, they lost the Senate. And, as we know, in 2016 the Democrats were in control of nothing. The presidency and both houses of Congress were in the hands of Republicans.

Even worse, since President Obama took office in 2009, over 1,000 Democrat political seats of power across the Nation have been lost to Republicans or Independents.

Now, the Democrats are struggling to regain control of almost anything.

The media would have us believe that the Democrats, the ones in control of their party anyway, had lost touch with the vast majority of "We The People". As widely guilty of presenting "fake news" as the media is, in this one issue I believe they are correct.

James Carville, a strategist for Bill Clinton's run for the presidency in 1992, put up a cartoon in Clinton's campaign "war room": "It's the ECONOMY, stupid!". Today's Democrats seem to have forgotten this simple, accurate and effective message.

How could anyone forget such a simple message? It could be that the Democrats' "Political Elite" were in no way affected by the economy. They "had money" and power and they "knew best" what was best for all of us. An egregiously, erroneous calculation on their part.

Oh, a Ph.D. thesis could be written on the failures of the Democratic Party and the administration that led it for 8 years. The economy, of course; the politicization of education materials via Common Core; the failure to adequately recognize and deal with the threats of Islamic terrorism; seeing the government favoring Islamic interests over other religions, seeing an administration apply the laws and policies of our Nation in a seeming race-centric fashion could all have collectively contributed to the Democrat Party's problems - among many other issues.

Wait! You think my last-stated issue was "out of line"? Take a read on Dr. Thomas Sowell's article: "Favors" to Blacks as a start.

Now, the Democratic Party is seeking new leadership. Various people are vying for leadership of the Democrat National Party (DNC). One particular candidate, Sally Boynton Brown, seemed to apply a degree of racism in her approach.

"...teach to shut their mouths if they're white." REALLY?

As most everyone knows, when giving a speech or trying to convince others of your point of view, the primary rule is "Know Your Audience".

Let's see who this candidate's audience is:

OK! So, 63% of the Nation AND 60% of her own political party should "...shut their mouths ....."?

Channeling Rod Serling: "Imagine, if you will" the hue and cry from EVERYONE had the statement been "...teach to shut their mouths if they're black." - or, actually, if this statement had been made by anyone, in any forum, in any place in our Country today.

If this level of "inclusiveness" (all sarcasm intended) in their message is truly what the Democrats desire, the DNC and the Democrats, in general, have a long way to go!