The "84 Lumber Commercial"

One Conservative's Opinion

A company, 84 Lumber, ran an ad during the 2017 Super Bowl. The subject of the video was immigration across our Southern border - WAIT! That's not exactly accurate. It actually focused on illegal immigration across our Southern border.

The video offered a very compassionate message: "The Will To Succeed Is Always Welcome Here". The video has very little dialog and, what there was, was only in Spanish. This did not diminish the intended message.

I would recommend watching the entire 5-minute video. You can do that by Clicking Here prior to continuing.

Both the politically Left and Right have many comments on 84 Lumber's video; Left = "PRO", and Right = "CON" (as one might assume and expect).

As you will notice, having seen the video, the woman and child were in no danger, or the like, when they departed Mexico headed for the US. Apparently, they were merely looking to have a better life - a truly understandable desire.

84 Lumber, apparently, does not practice what it preaches. The below picture is of a typical 84 Lumber lumberyard.

Notice that it is fenced. In addition, they routinely employ armed guards to protect the contents of the yards. So, protecting their property is OK; but, protecting our Nation's sovereignty, our laws, and resources rightfully belonging to the American people are not - one would have to assume.

Now, what the video does not address includes many things - some of which are discussed below.

1. The Risk To Illegal Immigrants Trying To Cross Our Borders

Violence and abuse is common against these people as they try to cross the border. The video fails to point out such risks.

2. The Cost Of Illegal Immigration To The United States; i.e., to you and me, the taxpayers

Illegal immigration costs the United States billions of dollars annually. If we consider that this Nation has a debt of almost 20 trillion dollars, this is a "luxury" - compassionate or not - we can't afford.

3. Illegal Immigration Is, Well, Illegal

Is illegal immigration really a crime? Yes, it is.

Some people like to point out that President Obama greatly eased the access of illegal immigrants into our country. And, that view can be argued. However, had all prior administrations (and I do mean the plural) honored the oaths of office they all took to uphold the US Constitution and to enforce the laws of our Nation, we would not have the situation we have today.

Are all laws fair? Most likely not. However, the American people, via their Congressional representatives, may and can change or nullify a law. But, to argue that a law, any law, may be ignored or obviated just because some don't like it, is the first stepping stone to anarchy.

Consider: If a law you don't like is adjudicated to be "ignorable" today, what stops the same being applied to a law you do like tomorrow?

This commercial, apprarently, argues for ignoring law. If fact, it implies that 84 Lumber actively encourages ignoring US law. One is left with the impression that 84 Lumber built the "door" into the "wall" so as to let illegal persons in with no concern as to the laws of our Nation and for the reason of only recognizing the "Will To Succeed" as being sufficient to ignore law.

4. Compassion Starts At Home

This video offers a very compassionate look at one woman and her child crossing our border illegally. The issue of illegal immigration often focuses on "being compassionate". Whereas compassion is always a worthy reason to do a lot of things, I do have both a logic problem and a consistency problem here.

Take our "inner cities". There are millions of our citizens trapped in environments of poverty and crime. I feel certain that many such people have "The Will To Succeed". They would love to better their lives by moving to areas offering better opportunities (and greater safety, by the way). But, they can't. They are trapped by lack of money and a lack of local political support. This situation is not too far removed from illegal immigrants "seeking a better life". But, our own citizens get no media attention, no financial support, nor any political support - Federal or otherwise.

While compassion for all is part of the American culture, why is such compassion not demonstrated FIRST for our own citizens? I'm willing to risk a bet that many persons trapped in our "inner cities" would love the opportunity to perform jobs that are made available to illegal immigrants - if only they could get to the jobs.

We could use the billions of dollars being used to provide illegal immigrants with housing, aid, education, medical care, and the like for our own citizens.

But, is there a common sense reason our own citizens are not given the opportunity to relocate to "better their lives"?

I believe there is - and, it's motivated by political power retention.

It is no secret that crime in our inner cities is almost directly proportional to the level of poverty. It is also no secret that the major areas of inner city poverty and crime are led by progressive, Democrat politicians.

Such a "relocation" of our inner city people would result in a change of demographics across the country. Thus, the Democrat stronghold on many of these most poverty and crime ridden cities would be in jeopardy.

...Just something to consider!

The 84 Lumber commercial, while being excellently produced, directed, acted, and filmed, is nothing more than progressive propaganda. You know, the type of message that employs the concept of "lies of obfuscation".


Post Script:

Apparently, the owner of 84 Lumber, Maggie Hardy Magerko, was mystified at the negative reaction to the video commercial.

As the linked article states: [According to Ad Week , "Magerko said the ad shouldn't be considered provocative at all. In fact, she says she voted for Donald Trump in the election, and the image of the door in the wall comes directly from Trump himself, who said he wanted a 'big beautiful door' in his wall, for legal immigration."]

Well, at least for me (and, many others), her intended message did not "hit the mark".