To The Trump Obstructionists

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There's an old Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times."

Well, politically, I think we're there.

May 17, 2017 Update: Click Here

Original Posting:

The news, nearing the end of February 2017, seems to be filled with stories of protests and intended political actions against President Trump.

The protests run from the peaceful to the not so much. The messages these protests offer us, more often than not, are a tad slipshod with facts and the truth. Here is but one example.

President Trump seems to be, as was Hillary Clinton and President Obama, like Starbucks Coffee - 1/2 the people love it and 1/2 the people loathe it.

And, that is fine. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions - both likes and dislikes.

However, unlike coffee, we can't just run to the store and pick up some Maxwell House.

We, the American people, have chosen Donald Trump as our - yes OUR - president.

Oh, and by the way, as a slight aside here, if you are someone who likes to use rude and slanderous words like racist, Islamophobic, and Fascist to describe Trump - or to describe anyone for that matter, I'd like to offer a suggestion.

Before using such words, first look up what those words actually mean.

To paraphrase the character 'Inigo Montoya' in the movie 'The Princess Bride', Those words don't mean what you think they mean."

You may not care if some people think you are rude; but, do you really want people to think you are ignorant as well? And, be able to prove it?

OK, enough of that.

Trump's adversaries in Congress and in a large portion of the media, as well as many people across the Nation, are doing everything in their power, it seems, to thwart his being able to effectively manage.

Such actions are not good for the Country - in the short run or the long run.

Will the current president make mistakes? Of course he will - everybody does. But, doing one's best to keep him from actually doing what he campaigned and won the presidency on is just childish.

There is probably no one out there who feels the Country has been managed effectively for many, many years - And, for decades and decades, if we were being honest. For those who disagree with me on this, please let me know who your dealer is because you're getting some really powerful s(tuff).

To all those who are, or would be, obstructionist to Trump's attempt to do his job, let me offer you some words of caution and advice.

The job of President of The United States of America is first and foremost a management and leadership job - not the only jobs by any means, but critical aspects of it.

Now, ask yourselves how many members of the US Congress have ever held significant management jobs prior to being in Congress?

Further, of the few who may fall in this select group, how many of them have had the experience of managing something that was in deep trouble back into wellness?

So, from the answers to those two questions, one will be left with a pitiful few, indeed.

This leaves a situation (i.e., our Nation), by and large, being managed by the inexperienced. How has that worked out for us so far?

Let's see. The Country is $20 Trillion in debt, clearly 1/2 of our people's incomes are so low that they pay no federal income tax, a full 1/3 are on some form of government subsidy - and, I'm NOT talking about Social Security, we have lost the respect of the international community, we let thousands of persons with unknown loyalties, both legally & illegally, into our Nation - some of whom are known terrorists or terrorist sympathizers, AND our health care system is close to collapse.

Oh, I know, people blame President Obama for much of this. But, he didn't do it by himself - not by a long shot. And, our issues stem from actions that go back long before anyone even knew his name. No, independent of anyone's political leanings, our issues stem from lack of adequate and proper management.

Well, clearly President Trump is an experienced manager - and very successful. So, why do some politicians do their utmost to NOT support him? - and even try to obstruct a person with the needed managerial experience so sorely needed for the Country?

It doesn't fit their political agenda nor their future livelihood, that's why. Can anyone spell "term limits"?

As we are coming to realize, President Trump is unlike any prior president - by a wide margin.

And, here's where the advice & caution I mentioned comes into play.

Let me start with an analogy:

Imagine a large swimming pool filled with fish - lots of fish.

As one might expect:

Some fish are aggressive, some are passive; some are eager, some not so much; some are smart, some not nearly as smart; some are brave, many are not; some show good leadership qualities, others don't; some are successful fish, most are not; some want to make certain they are viewed as "top fish", some don't really care; some are leaders, some are followers; some have lots of experience at being productive fish, others do not; and some are piranhas. The piranhas like to keep things with which they don't agree from happening - and they work hard at it.

Every now and then the fish would choose a new leader; a leader to help keep the pool operating smoothly, and to keep all the fish safe. The fish have rules by which they select a new leader. Think of these rules as the "Fish Constitution". Following these rules, they happened to select a fish unlike any they've ever chosen before. They chose a tiger shark. If you don't know what a tiger shark is, look it up.

So, the tiger shark arrives to take up its new job; it's only job it is to ensure the safety of the fish and a proper and peaceful operation within the pool - Not to eat all the fish; that was made clear to the shark.

But remember, this is a TIGER SHARK.

So, the tiger shark gathers around it a few of the most smart, the most successful, the best leaders, and the most loyal of the fish to help.

Why does the tiger shark need help? Because, the tiger shark knows that some of the fish that live in the pool know many things about the pool that the shark does not.

Now, the tiger shark has some absolute requirements: Follow the rules for the pool; that is The Fish Constitution. Be loyal, don't lie, offer objections when something does not seem correct according to the rules, but always work toward the betterment of the pool. Fish who don't follow these rules, likely, will be in for a really big surprise.

But, what of the piranhas? They view the shark's arrival as a threat to their food supply. First, one tries to bite the shark, then another. Next, the piranhas try multiple attacks on all sides of the shark. Now, the shark doesn't really care, as the piranhas can't hurt the shark. But, if they become an "obstruction" to the shark's primary goal, they soon will rendered no longer an obstruction - one way or another.

Solving the issues of an organization or effort that is in trouble is something with which I have experience - NOT at the level of the presidency OBVIOUSLY; but successful experience nonetheless.

Based on my experiences, those who are being obstructionists to Trump's plan will soon go the way of the piranhas. The president has the experience, the power, and, perhaps most importantly, the will to make that happen. These political/media piranhas do not yet believe the president means what he says. In fact, the president does mean what he says - I truly believe that.

As we all have heard, Trump wrote a successful book, 'The Art of The Deal'. A deal, when it goes through, means more than just having been a good negotiator. It means fulfilling your end of the deal, i.e. adhering to the resulting contract. Fulfilling his end of the deal is what made him a successful businessman. Trump appears to be treating the presidency as a deal, of sorts. That is, his new office is a contract with the American people. He said he was going to do certain things, he got elected based on that, and, now, he is fulfilling the contract.

I would strongly advise all to support the president in his mission. The American people following our Constitution are responsible for him being in office. Let him do his job. When he makes a mistake, call him on it and offer solutions - not just complaints. Just saying, "I don't like that!", perhaps, might be interesting to you and your friends and may make you feel better. But, without offering a proposed solution, just saying it is never helpful. Consider: just having to address a statement such as "I don't like that!" takes time away from actual accomplishments.

And, remember Trump is going to be president for at least 4 years - like him or not.

All the complaints I hear and see against Trump are for his doing the things he said he'd do while campaigning. And, everything he's done so far is adhering to his oath to uphold the US Constitution. Why would anyone expect him to do otherwise?

Obstruction efforts against the president are getting so ludicrous that some members of Congress are seeking to have the president removed using the 25th Amendment, specifically Section 4. Why? Because he is fulfilling his campaign promises and upholding the laws of our nation? Think about that!

Above all else, let all piranhas beware the wrath of the tiger shark. He's only doing the job "We The People" asked of him.