Redistribution Of Wealth

Obama, in 2008, made it clear that part of his agenda was the redistribution of wealth in this nation. I believe he saw major inequities between the "rich" and those less fortunate. Therefore, to be "fair" to all he would see to it that, like Robin Hood of old, he would take from the rich and give to the poor. This was to be accomplished mainly via higher taxes placed upon the rich of our nation.

This clearly is an anti-"American Dream" scenario. The American Dream may be stated simply as "work hard, become the best you can be, and rewards will follow." Such rewards would allow greater comforts in life, better housing, etc., and an assurance that one's children have a better life than that of the parents. The "Dream" embodies earnings retention and future use of those earnings by the earner.

From interviews I've seen with persons across the spectrum of wealth, it seems that in many cases any such "redistribution" is viewed as "wonderful" - unless the interviewee is asked to give up something they, personally, have earned.

Watch the below clip of students being asked to "redistribute" their Grade Point Averages:

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From the above it seems clear that "redistribution", when applied to one's self, is not nearly as attractive as when applied to others. Why? Simply because is fails the "fairness" test.

Now, is a "GPA" the same as money? No. But, both money and a GPA are "earned" by the individual, not provided to them.

If an individual wishes to share what he/she has earned, that is called generosity or charity. If a government forces such then it's an aspect of communism (note: small "c"). Think that characterization a bit harsh? Look up the word in a dictionary. Clearly, this is NOT an American principal as laid out in our Constitution.