Racial Overtones of Today’s America

Lead In

The Trayvon Martin incident did much to highlight and inflame racial tensions in America. And, it still inflames racial tensions some 21 months after the shooting. What should have been a local police matter grew into a nation wide (if not world wide) focus on race. Not only should this not have been (nor be) the case - it was totally expected. Why? Because the media, our president, certain members of Congress, and the "reverends" Jackson and Sharpton have fueled and continue to fuel the fires of racial divide and discord.

The loss of a young man’s life is a tragic thing no matter the reason, rationale, or excuse. However, justice in like events should prevail. Those who would fuel racial discord in this country are as surely to blame for negative racial actions and feelings as a person with a gun.

On February 26, 2012 was Martin truly an innocent 17 year old just walking down the street only to be gunned down by George Zimmerman? Or, was Martin the aggressor and Zimmerman only acting in self defense? As of April 10, 2012 no one had been charged in the incident and all the facts are not clear. As yet, none of us know what really happened.

Zimmerman, on April 11, was finally charged with 2nd degree murder - 6 1/2 weeks after the incident. One would have expected a much quicker filing of charges were the facts overwhelming. Could it be that the threats of domestic disturbance and even violence by many black radicals were the driving force behind the charge - and not necessarily the facts in the case? The New Black Panthers put out a "bounty" on Zimmerman. Demonstrations were held across this country calling for Zimmerman's death. Fear and "political correctness" all too often rule! Listen to a radio interview with the New Black Panther Party re: the Martin Incident - this was prior to the charge being filed: Audio

Rather than let the system of justice in this country take its course, the news media, the president, certain members of Congress, and the 2 "reverends" jumped to an immediate view of racism as the root cause.

The news media has portrayed Martin as a normal 17 year old just minding his own business. The pictures they run of Martin depict a very nice looking boy of a much younger age than he was at the time of his death:

Actual photos of a more recent vintage show a different Martin:

& &

Of course, photos don’t tell the reality of a person’s character. They only depict, in many cases, what the subject feels is "cool" at the time. And, for a 17 year old in today's media-portrayed "culture", let’s assume this is the case. However, the media, i.e., the liberal / progressive media, only ran the younger picture because it furthers their message of racial bias and discord - it sells newspapers and TV time – and generates more news of a negative nature to sell yet more. And, the media, across the board, failed to mention that this "young boy" was 6 feet plus in height - significantly larger than Zimmerman. Or, as the saying goes: "follow the money". Which picture (or pictures) depicts the real Trayvon Martin, the boy as he really was? We may never know and it really doesn’t matter. If the justice system in this country works (and unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t) the facts will eventually come out.

And come out they have. Zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin. Not allowed in the testimony, and correctly so in my opinion, was Martin's history of marijuana possession, possession of jewelry - belonging to a woman; i.e., not his own jewelry nor belonging to any of his family members or friends - and a tool usable for burglaries along with his several suspensions from school. Martin was never officially charged by the police - the matters were handled by his school adminisrators. These last few facts are presented only to point out that the media offered significant bias on their presentations of Martin's "character". None of these was reported by the media. Also, the media protrayed Martin as a somewhat small, innocent little boy. Again, Martin, at the time of his death was at least 6 feet tall - not exactly "small". I guess the media does adhere to the old "Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story".

To offer a counter view of racist charges against Zimmerman without attempting to protray him as a "saint" (none of us are), here are some facts about Zimmerman:

Subsequent to the not guilty verdict there have been numerous protests against the verdict, may violent in nature. Dana Loesch offers her own perspective on this situation.

Almost as soon as the event unfolded the president was on national news in support of the view that Martin was shot because he was black. Jackson and Sharpton immediately jumped on the bandwagon demanding "justice" for Martin against Zimmerman. Certain members of Congress immediately spun up the cries of "racism". None of the above had any facts other than the shooter was not black and the victim was.

Even the NAACP condemned Sharpton for his stance and his calls for "disobedience".

The political use of such a tragedy is not new to the media, the president, certain members of Congress, or these 2 "reverends".

A Perspective

I have heard people proclaim that they voted for Obama because he was black. I have heard others say they did not vote for him because he was black. It’s hard to discern which is the more ignorant.

Much is made of Obama being "black". As most of us are aware he really isn't black. It SHOULDN'T MATTER what the race of a person is. Unfortunately, it does seem to matter to many.

A viable motive for voting for him was the "belief" that he offered a different solution for America – one that promised "Hope and Change". Hope for a better life and a change from the status quo – a hope and change from the unfairness that some felt this country was founded upon and feel still exists today.

A viable motive for not voting for him was that he had no managerial experience and had surrounded himself with people ranging from former domestic terrorists (e.g., Bill Ayers) to those who hated this country (e.g., Jeremiah Wright) and to those who represent those who are against America and that for which it stands. And, to a person, not one had any managerial experience.

My professional experience has taught me that first time managers almost always fail unless they have a superior mentor and follow the mentor’s advice. Obama had no such mentor and, worse, gathered around him – to an individual – persons without managerial experience of any kind and of questionable political "leanings" relative to what we enjoy as "The American Way of Life".

It is my opinion that since Obama took office the "feelings" of race relations in this country have taken major steps backwards - and, all for the wrong reasons. Dr. Martin L. King’s "dream", as put in such an eloquent fashion in his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, ‘America’s children will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.’ is at risk. We have gone backwards from achieving his dream. And, Obama has fostered this backward move – perhaps not on purpose, of course, but fostered it he has.

Leading off is Obama’s involvement with and support of the ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) organization. It mainly focuses on the black community organizing. Obama had worked as Acorn’s lawyer and conducted training events for its leaders. Does Obama really support ACORN? Watch one of his campaign speeches given to ACORN.

ACORN has been featured prominently in voter registration fraud as well as fraud against the American people re: obtaining tax dollars illegally. Numerous states filed suits against ACORN over voter registration fraud during the 2008 election cycle. Our tax dollars were being used to support this organization. Congress, eventually, withdrew any funds from going to ACORN – it was that bad.

Watch a video of Acorn personnel instructing on ways to commit tax fraud: Acorn and tax fraud

But, is the Acorn organization really "gone"? The answer is NO! See how many "Acorn" organizations still exist

Obama says he never really listened to Jerimiah Wright, his pastor for 20+ years. Wright’s whole message is one of Black Liberation Theology (look it up) and stated his famous "God damn America". Not a truly great theological message, one must agree.

Obama appointed Van Jones, also black, to a position known as the "Green Jobs Csar". Obama eventually had to ask for his resignation due political pressure resulting from Jones’ background of communist policy support. Jones was involved with STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement). STORM had ties to both the Cuban and South African Communist Parties.

Also, Jones was the keynote speaker at a CCDS (Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism) fundraiser in Berkeley as late as February 2006. CCDS is basically the same "alliance" of former Weathermen, 60s Maoists and modern communists who supported Obama in Chicago. To point out how "black" voters are just "assumed" to be for Obama regardless of his policies that have resulted in huge black unemployment, Jones recently said, "I think if President Obama came out as gay, he wouldn't lose the black vote". First, disparaging gays is an offensive statement; second, the "assumption" that blacks can not think for themselves is offensive.

Obama appointed as Attorney General, Eric Holder – also black. One of Holder’s first "edicts" was to not prosecute the New Black Panther Party for very obvious voter intimidation activities in Philadelphia during the 2008 election cycle. From all indications I can find he refused to seek their prosecution because they were black. Wrong and illegal is wrong and illegal independent of a person’s race. Obama did nothing to squelch this blatant disregard for the laws of our country.

Back in time, Holder was responsible for seeking and obtaining pardons by Clinton for members of the FALN. The 16 members of the FALN (the Spanish acronym for Armed Forces of National Liberation) and Los Macheteros had been convicted in Chicago and Hartford variously of bank robbery, possession of explosives and participating in a seditious conspiracy. Overall, the two groups had been linked by the FBI to more than 130 bombings, several armed robberies, six slayings and hundreds of injuries.

Holder instructed his staff at Justice’s Office of the Pardon Attorney to effectively replace the department’s original report recommending against any commutations, which had been sent to the White House in 1996, with one that favored clemency for at least half the prisoners, according to interviews and documents.

For a such a high position in our justice system, Holder does not seem to "look out for justice" but, rather, to look out for only those of certain ethnicity.

In the incident in Boston involving Prof. Henry Gates (black) and police officer James Crowley (white), Obama jumped in before any facts were known and condemned Crowley for racial bias. Facts proved otherwise and Obama had to have a "beer summit" with the 2 to try and smooth things over.

Obama says he had only a passing relationship with Bill Ayers as he was "just some guy in the neighborhood". The facts are somewhat different. To make a long story short, Obama held his political kick-off meeting at Ayer’s home. Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn were responsible for domestic terrorist attacks including co-founding the Weather Underground (see discussion on Van Jones above). The Weather Underground is a self-described communist revolutionary group that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960s and 1970s in response to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. Check out the recent (April 2012) video of these 2 explaining how much they hate the American way of life: Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn - April 2012. and An Interview about some of Obama's Associates. Really nice people for our president to hang out with, eh?

Most recently Obama has gotten in the middle of the Martin incident with racial implications. I would suspect that a president may have more pressing things of concern than local matters involving white-on black incidents across the country – especially when facts are not fully known. Has he gotten "involved" with white-on-white crime, "black-on black" crime? Not once. Nor should he. Why the specificity of his involvement only when one of the injured parties is black? And, subsequent to the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman/martin case, Holder is still going after Zimmerman for proof that Zimmerman is a racist. This despite the fact that the FBI has "certified" that race was not an issue in this case. Holder has asked that a "tip line" be set up so that anyone can email "evidence" of Zimmerman's racism. The Stazi's inoffizielle Mitarbeiter and Joseph Goebbles would be proud.

There are many other instances and people (too many to capture in this short narrative) that support the premise that Obama is not geared to treat everyone equally and seeks to lessen the greatness of our country. In his current position Obama has great influence. It seems that whenever the chance arises he goes out of his way to reinforce that black is better than white. What happened to equality and justice for all? He’s not doing a great job at assuring a view of equality for all. Dr. King would NOT be proud.

To highlight racial bias of this administration’s impact toward blacks may be seen in the cases of Obama’s aunt and uncle – both in this country illegally. His aunt lives on the taxpayer (i.e., welfare), his uncle has convictions for drunk driving with his license being revoked and then reinstated due to "hardship". No, Obama, himself, has no control over MA lawmakers. But, consider, if these 2 people were other than related to Obama what would be the outcome? Deportation, of course. Why? It’s the law.

The current administration seems dead set against any semblance of identification being required for voting. They and the majority of Democrats, especially the Congressional Black Caucus, apparently feel that having to prove you are registered to vote with a picture ID is racist. How silly is that? Try traveling by air these days and see how far you get without a picture ID. Why are they not complaining that the Department of Homeland Security is racist? Our Republic is great, in part, because we believe in the validity of our voting process. With the ACORN scandals (and other such) mentioned above, one would think that having a true and valid voting process would be at the forefront of this (or any) administration's desires. After all, everyone in Congress and in this administration swore to uphold the US Constitution. Makes one wonder why this administration isn't taking steps to ensure that our voting process is without fraud.

Finally, Obama swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution. Since he took office he has displayed a level of disdain for the Supreme Court unlike any before him. Responding to a question on the Supreme Court’s deliberation on the "Affordable" Health Care Law he referred to the Court with (note: in context, preceding this quote he added ‘it was doubtful that’) "an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law..". Earlier in his administration he chastised the Supreme Court on one of their decisions on which he disagreed – at the State of the Union Address no less. Such open displays of disregard for the Constitution do not further his position with those who feel he is not for "everyone". Further, Obama has made statements indicating he feels the Constitution, basically, is obsolete. Yes, he has a right to his opinion. But, swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution leaves one wondering just what does an oath from this man really mean. The incident referred to here was in an interview with Obama re: his views on the Constitution. He said, "It is an imperfect document. And, I think it is a document that reflects some deep flaws in American culture..". Since, he has not viewed the Constitution as something he must follow. Nor, does he seem to believe that Congress is a necessary entity. In October 2011 Obama said this: "We can't wait for Congress to do its job. So where they won't act, I will. We're going to look every single day to figure out what we can do without Congress."

As an aside: Again, Obama has a right to his opinion. But, rather than subvert the Constitution he swore to uphold, why doesn't he use his influence to support changing the Constitution legally per Article V of the US Constitution?

I guess, so much for the separation of powers defined by our Constitution!

Let’s move to the 2 "reverends", Jackson and Sharpton.

For the most recent example of "race hate" we need look no further than the Trayvon Martin incident. Both Jackson and Sharpton have been mighty quick to judgement. As an aside and as both are supposedly Christian ministers, it seems they never learned Mark , Chapter 7 of the New Testament:

1. Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

The Martin incident is by no means their "first rodeo" into quick judgement. The case of the Duke lacrosse members (white) accused of raping a black woman springs to mind. The "reverends" were there to cry "racism" at the onset and demanding "justice". For quite a time the players’ lives were pure hell due to the "reverends" antics. The lacrosse players were found to be innocent. No apology ever was forthcoming from either "reverend".

Another such incident involved another black woman, Tawana Brawley, who claimed to be raped by 6 white men. Sharpton was instrumental in inflaming the situation via the media. Here, once again, the white men were found to be totally innocent. And, yet again, no apology ever was forthcoming.

Jesse Jackson is well known for his constant attempts at stirring up racial discontent and hatred. In my opinion, it is his ONLY job. The comedian, Chris Rock, once interviewed Jackson on Rock’s TV show. The interview, aside from being humorous, was telling. Click here for a clip of the interview.

And, in November of 2103, the 'game' of "Knockout" was highlighted. See the story here. Where were they on this one?

None of the actions by these 2 men have contributed to racial harmony in this country. They, obviously, have a wide following. It is unfortunate that their antics go far to divide us racially and culturally.

This may be better illustrated by comments made by Ms. Alveda King, Dr. King’s niece. With reference to Sharpton she asked where was he in trying to stop the drug problem that plagues the black community. I applaud her sentiment. So, in admiration for her question, I ask where were the 2 "reverends" and their "outrage":

It would seem reasonable to me that these 2 should focus their rage and indignation where blacks are not being culturally supported, where they are being taken advantage of by criminals, and where their actions do harm to others – black, white, or any other color you could name.

Although not directed at either Jackson or Sharpton, this video presents one black gentleman's view on the "one sidedness" of reaction to crime involving blacks: Black Reactions

To sum up a view on the 2 "reverends", this cartoon does it pretty well:

OH! The Wonderful Media.

What has become known as the main stream media (msm) has lost all sense of responsible journalism. The latest example of journalism gone bad is NBC’s reporting on the Martin incident. NBC played a portion of the 911 tape captured when Zimmerman called in the incident:

NBC edits the Zimmerman 911 call to imply racism by Zimmerman


In an NBC segment featuring George Zimmerman's 911 call on the night of the Trayvon Martin shooting, Zimmerman is heard saying: "This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black."

The actual version of the 911 call, though, unfolds like this:

Zimmerman: "This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about."

911 operator: "Okay. And this guy, is he white, black or hispanic?"

Zimmerman: "He looks black."

NBC has initiated an "investigation" into their false reporting.

It is fairly obvious that this "report" was aimed at making Zimmerman look like he was a mainline racist. The actual recording tells a different story, however. He was simply answering a question.

NBC isn’t the only one. ABC aired a video of Zimmerman to show that he suffered no injuries during the incident. Zimmerman (and a witness) had reported that he was beaten by Martin. ABC’s "take" on this video portrayed Zimmerman as an obvious liar. Later, after criticism, ABC produced an "enhanced" video that clearly shows the Zimmerman’s wounds.

Further, CNN originally reported that Zimmerman had used a racial slur, "coon", is his 911 call refering to Martin. After an enhancement to the audio tape to clear out background noise, it has been determined that what Zimmerman actually said was "cold". Quick to a wrong judgement to imply racism? Yes - again!

The msm frequently will alter stories to enhance their views that any crime, incident, or discussion involving blacks is all about race. They almost never show black-on-black issues of a negative nature nor do they cover black-on-white issues of the same ilk.

The msm, on a fairly routine basis, whenever faced with a criticism of Obama responds with the person offering the criticism must be a racist. Did it not occur to these people that the criticism may be a valid one having nothing to do with race? When a "message" is repeated often enough it becomes "fact" to many – independent of the truth.

As a side note, I feel that even referring to Obama as "black" is racist.

When Obama was running for the presidency the msm never – and I mean never – even attempted to "vet" him. At that time very few knew who Obama was. The people of America desired to know who this person was. Items such as Obama’s true relationships with Wright, Ayers, his days at Columbia, etc., were all dismissed as illegitimate questions - Obama got a "pass" on all issues which may have been "troublesome" to him. Imagine the msm’s reaction to a story that ANY former candidate for the presidency "may" have had a relationship with a past domestic terrorist. There would have been a frenzy the likes of which we’ve never seen. Appears to be what has been called "reverse discrimination" of some type going on here. Is it because Obama is black? Seems to be sending a message of which Dr. King would definitely not approve.

With reference to "vetting" by the msm and the Justice Department, for that matter, the following is troubling. The below link points to 2 videos alleging voter fraud during the 2008 presidential campaign. I, of course, am in no way able to say whether the 2 videos represent fact or not. The issue is: why didn't the media and the Justice Department investigate these allegations? These are very serious allegations of illegal activity. So, what kind of bias was at work here? See: Alleged Voter Fraud

Consider the criminal behavior of the "flash mob" mentality happening across the nation. (And, I do not mean the dancing and signing types of "flash mobs". I am referring to mobs, en masse, stealing from stores and attacking people.) The vast majority of those participating are black youths. The msm does not report this. Let a white person or persons commit such a vile act and the major msm outlets would report it like it was BIG news. I surmise that one reason these youths feel "free" to commit such acts is there is no fear of prosecution – after all, they are black and they feel the Attorney General, most likely, will stand behind them.

And, finally on the major msm, see if you can find where NBC, CBS, ABC, etc., covered the following stories - And, where is the "outrage" from the 2 "reverends" or from the president, for that matter, on these?: Two black teens beat man with hammer, 2 Women gang raped by 10 to 12 black youths in a park, 6 black youths beat elderly man because he's white, Elderly woman robbed by black teen, Black teen shoots baby in the face while mother watches, 3 black teens kill white athlete for "the fun of it", the case of the brutal murder of 2 young people by 4 blacks, WWII vet, beaten by black teens outside Eagles Lodge, dies, Black conducted random "I hate whites!" attack in NYC - leaves one white man brain dead, or, Black teen on a bicycle shoots a Hispanic man getting out of his car.

Perhaps more telling is that the media (in general), the 2 "reverends", nor anyone in this administration covered or commented on this story. Why didn't they? My guess is that good actions by blacks having to do with whites does not convey the message of racial hate being spread by any of these people. Just as not commenting on bad actions by blacks on whites does not spread the message of whites abusing blacks. Either way, the message of racial disharmony seems to be what fuels the motives and actions of the progressive left; i.e., the media in general, the 2 "reverends", and this administration.


The constant onslaught of charges of racism by the msm, the questionable associations and views of our country and of our Constitution evidenced by our president, the antics of "race baiters", the racial favoritism of our Attorney General, and the like all go to foster rising feelings of racial division across our country. The people's trust in a government that will guarantee justice for all - not just a limited minority - has been eroded. The fact that 95% of blacks in this country voted for Obama is somewhat understandable. The fact that all polls show that the vast majority of blacks still are behind him, what with all the issues mentioned above being well known OR should and could be well known to anyone who wishes to be informed, is troubling to many.

Our president and his supporters/backers have blown a chance to enhance the feelings of "togetherness" among the races in place of racial division. Too bad, actually; as before him we were headed in a much more positive direction.


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