06.10.2012 - A Prediction

During times of war or major conflict people, in general, will not seek to change government administrations. Based on this plus the fact that Obama has done little to make the dire economic situation better - actually, he has made it worse, I predict that in the September / October timeframe of 2012 there will be a significant, violent conflict somewhere in the Middle East. If such a conflict spreads sufficiently, then, I feel, Obama will see this as cementing his re-election.

This "cementing", of course, may not occur. Why? Obama is seen as weak internationally and militarily. Consider: Obama has gone "the extra mile" to apologize for America, cater to the radical islamic factions, and generally offer weakness as a way to placate those in the Middle East. And, would our terrorist enemies rather have a strong US president or one who they believe will not take serious action? People, if such a conflict should happen, may well elect to go with a person felt better positioned to bring victory.

I don't think Obama has watched sufficient episodes of TV's "NCIS". Had he, he well would know Gibbs' Rule #6 - "Never apologize, it's a sign of weakness". The Arab culture believes in this "rule" strongly.

- R. R. Moore