Unaired Interview Clip

CBS' '60 Minutes' (09.23.2012) aired interviews with both Obama and Romney. Unfortunately and understanably, editing is necessary to fit time (or other "considerations"). Trouble is, with such editing one never knows what was left out that might have been telling or interesting.

In one case an unaired clip was available.

When asked, "Aren't the American people entitled to the truth, or a better version of it?" Obama "almost" answers the question directly. He gets part of a word that sounds like it would have been "Absolutely"; but it comes out as "Abs..". Obama then VERY QUICKLY changes his answer to a question that wasn't asked. One wonders why Obama needed to change a straightforward answer to a "misdirect". This occurs near the end of the clip.

Additionally, Obama seems to imply that during campaigns, truth isn't necessarily a necessity; i.e., his statement, "That happens in politics." I would agree that it "happens"; but, should it?

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