Obama on the Rule of Law

Obama swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Spelled out in that document are the "rules" of and for the 3 branches of our government - Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch.

This offering centers on the latest (as of 6.20.2012) example of where the Executive Branch seems to have "gone a little sideways" relative to its authority. This is the issue of Obama issuing an executive order re: persons here in this country illegally.

His action is in response to Congress not passing the so called "Dream Act". His executive order, basically, obviates the wishes of Congress. Is his action against the Constitution, i.e., the Rule of Law for our Country? Well, let's hear about this from an alleged Constitutional scholar, Obama himself.

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Should his recent action be a surprise to us? No! Here he is emphactcally stating what he intends to do when Congress does not agree with him.

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The below presents Obama's public statement on the issuing of one of his latest executive orders.

CLICK HERE for his issuing the executive order re: immigration.

As an aside, one of the stipulations of Obama's executive order is that in order to qualify one had to be here for at least 5 years. OK. But, if you came here illegally how would you ever prove how long you had been here? You may wish to ponder that one some.

This is not the first time Obama has deemed to ignore US law. Look it up if you are of the disbelieving sort.

Of potential interest to some may be the fact that a poll shows that 66% of the American people are in favor of Obama's latest decision on immigrants. What should be of even more interest is what actual question was used to come up with the poll results. The question was: "Do you think immigration is good or bad for this country today?". Well, of course it's a good thing. Unless you are a Native American you got here via immigration - either directly or through your ancestry. The question had nothing to do with people here illegally. A suggestion: when you hear the results of a poll - no matter the subject - always seek to find out what were the exact questions asked.

Related to the rule of law but separate from the issue(s) of illegal immigration is the subject of the "blown" strategy called "Fast and Furious". Apparently AG Holder has refused to provide to Congress pertinent documents related to Congress' investigation of this failed strategy which resulted in the death of an American agent. Therefore, Congress is initiating the process of holding the AG in "Contempt of Congress" for failing to provide the documents deemed pertinent by Congress. Just as Congress was starting this procedure the White House issued a statement saying that such documents were not to be provided under the "Executive Privilege" option.

One has to ask why such an action would be taken unless the White House was involved or knew about the strategy - an illegal activity.