On My Initial (and Later) Impressions of B. Obama, our President

This missive offers some general comments on Obama, our President, his administration, and things political of the time.

This site's links are presented in no order of importance. They are grouped (roughly) during the year I captured them. They are there only to offer a view on things political during Obama's tenue as president.

Also, this site, collectively, offers the opinion on how unspectacular - and expected - his performance has been.

But first, a little background on my above "expected" comment:

I spent the marjority of my professional career troubleshooting private sector programs and organizations (both large and small) that found themselves "behind the eight ball". By "behind the eight ball" I mean financially overrun, technically deficient, behind schedule, with poor customer relations, having serious personnel issues, and sometimes all of these at once. For the sake of clarity "troubleshooting" means fixing things. And, I was very successful at my job (humility notwithstanding).

During that time I came to discern that when things "went South" the "usual suspects" were at work. Examples of these "suspects" are: Believing that you have the capabilities and experience that your title implies, surrounding yourself only with people with experiences like your own, trying to tackle too much too quickly, applying very large solutions to relatively smaller issues, a non-willingness to consider the opinions of those who think differently than do you and placing those people in situations of ridicule, blaming others for all the ills that exist, and a myriad of other "suspects" too numerous to go into here.

The above is more fully explained in my book, "If You're Falling Off A Cliff . . ." (see Barnes & Noble).

With that background I viewed the Obama march to the presidency with alarm and concern. I definitely wanted him to succeed - he was going to be our president, after all. However, as his campaign proceeded my fears escalated:

First and foremost he had no prior management experience - none! Not in management within the government and not in management within the private sector. With no such prior experience one can not expect to have the wherewithal to make credible, executable decisions that will not run in directions that one does not desire.

But, I thought at that time, not all was lost - just yet. If he surrounded himself with people with wide and varying degrees of applicable experiences he, himself, didn't "necessarily" need too much experience. He just needed to listen to and trust the people he hired. Instead, he gathered around him a staff completely devoid of any management experience at all - again, none!

Even worse, throughout his life Obama had (and has since) surrounded himself with persons of questionable histories re: "making America great". (See the discussion on "About Obama and a Few of His Friends" on this website.) This was a "Danger, Will Robinson!" moment. As time has gone by things have not gotten less dangerous for ole "Will". This is not to say that Obama isn't "trying" to do the right thing - as he perceives it. But, take a quick look at just a few promises he made as you listen to the wise words of Yoda.

During his campaign he issued the "promise" that the US deficit would be cut in half during his first term in office. At that time our deficit was at around 11 trillion dollars. For all reasonable, practical purposes to bring such down to "only" 5 to 6 trillion in 4 years was (and is) a mathematically impossible effort. (See the discussion on "Can We Pay off The National Debt" on this website.) Even without prior management experience, simple math could have demonstrated this impossibility - he seemed to be "selling the story" vs. telling the American people the truth. The simple, mathematical truth would have served him much better later on, I feel.

He proposed a form of universal health care that had open and obvious faulty financial estimates attached. Note: the latest government estimates for The Affordable Health Care Act have doubled in one year to over 1.7 trillion dollars - and it doesn't even go into full effect until 2014. Also, his approach seemed to me to be, at a minimum, unconstitutional. (See the discussion on "Why The Health Care Law Is Unonstitutional . . .?" on this website.)

Further, the original goal was that this new approach would offer the some 35 million people without health care a means to correct their "exposure". The problem, as I saw it here, was that with 300+ million people in this country, his approach was a 100% solution for a 10%-15% problem - never, never a viable, cost-effective, or even rational, first step solutional set.

Before his election and during his presidency the main part of the media has characterized any questioning or critism of Obama's plans, approaches, policies, etc., as "racist". During my management career, when a criticism of an approach was attacked by using a diversionary tactic such as this (not race necessarily - but anything other than focusing on the approach itself) it usually meant that the "attacker" had no good reason, facts, or rationale. Even worse, Obama did not rise above such insupportable and juvenile actions - he dove right in. (See the discussion on "Racial Overtomes in Today's America" on this website.)

The whole "race thing" drives me nuts. When Obama took office the country was economically heading in the wrong direction. He had a chance to turn things around. He hasn't. In fact, things are much worse now. Employment is much lower now, he (together with Congress) has added 5 trillion additional dollars to our national debt, and it looks to get much worse before it gets better. Take a given person who is out of a job and needs to feed his family. Were the president seen to have been responsible for him getting his job back, etc., do you really think that person would care if the president were black, white, brown, yellow, red, or even purple? Race has nothing to do with performance - good or bad. Do racists still exist in this country? Sure. But, racism has nothing to do with criticising policies that don't work - or do work for that matter. In politics "race" seems to be nothing more than the ole "Don't look behind the curtain" dodge.

Unfortunately, Obama exhibits all the symptoms and results of the first time manager who, because of his title and a non-questioning entourage, believes he is infallible - all to the country's detriment.