Obama Needs A New Ad Agency

Of late Obama, or his staff, has chosen selling/campaign slogans that point to his needing a new ad agency.

For example, for his budget thrust he chose "Winning The Future" as a slogan.

The acronym for "Winning The Future", of course, is "WTF". In today's vernacular

"WTF" has an entirely different connotation - and not a presidental one at that.

For Obama's campaign for the 2012 election he has chosen "FORWARD" as the slogan.

Some enterprising soul alerted us to the fact that the slogan "FORWARD" has been used before.

There's nothing wrong with reusing old slogans - especially if they work or have worked.

However, in the case of this particular slogan it was used by quite a few persons from history who may not have had the American way of life as their goal.

See the below posters featuring "FORWARD". Not the best choices for imitation, I feel.

The below are rough translations of the words on the posters.

FORWARD Mao Zedong

FORWARD To Communism

FORWARD To The Victory Of Communism

"FORWARD" & Lets Go FORWARD for the Motherland our Victory

Great Warriors FORWARD to the West

And finally Stalin's newspaper, "FORWARD For Stalin"

Yep! I think he needs a new ad agency - quickly!!! Or, on second thought, let him keep the one he's got.