Media Political Bias

It is well known that the major news outlets are strongly biased toward the liberal/progressive agenda. These outlets are NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, CNN, and the like. Examples one hears/sees are: Obama can do no wrong, all Republicans/Tea Party members are racist, the rich are evil, and the like.

However, the most egregious has to be MSNBC. They have been caught severely editing videos and eliminating news to suit their biased message.

MSNBC which should, but doesn't, stand for Majorly Stupid Nonsensical Bullpoop Channel, is well known for its severe bias.

Check out their latest "selective" editing job on a Romney campaign stop video:

In the first video below you will find MSNBC's "reporting" of the event.

CLICK HERE for video #1.

In the second video, somewaht longer, is the actual footage from which the editing was done.

CLICK HERE for video #2.

The messages of the 2 variations are "somewhat" different.

And speaking of MSNBC, during the Republican National Convention (of 08.28.2012) they refused to cover ANY speeches presented by minoroties of any kind. Bias? I feel so! Click here for the story on this.

To their detriment they failed to cover the very best speech of the night:

Mia Love, Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah