Joe Biden Finally gets it Right!

Watch Joe Biden's statement - my comments are below the video.

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Joe's comments re: the Romney/Ryan tax plan increasing taxes on the middle class are, of course, incorrect - their plan does no such thing. However, what was especially humorous about Joe's comment on the middle class being "buried for the last four years" was, again of course, the fact that for the last four years his boss, Obama, has "been in charge".

So, let's see what that means. It means one of three things:

A. It was all Bush's fault, as the Democrats are oft to say. OK. So assume that's true. Then team Obama has failed to correct something in four years. Sounds pretty incompetent to me.


B. Since Obama has been in office for just about four years, it's Obama's fault.

Probably not the best "foot forward" by the VP re: his boss' re-election.


C. Biden is not correct about the middle class being "buried". Nope! He was correct. Look at the price spikes in gas prices, food prices, unemployment, food stamps, etc., plus a 40% drop in the median income over the last four years. No, Joe was correct.

Biden's gaffe has been great fodder for the political comedians. For example, Jay Leno had a few words on the subject.