The Israel - Palestine Conflict

A Little Deeper Understanding

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The below video is presented by Danny Ayalon.

Daniel "Danny" Ayalon (born 17 December 1955) is an Israeli diplomat and politician. He served as Deputy Foreign Minister and a member of the Knesset for Yisrael Beiteinu. He served as Israeli Ambassador to the United States from 2002 until 2006. He frequently writes in Israeli and international newspapers, notably in the Jerusalem Post and the Wall Street Journal.

The below video has 4 parts all presented in a single stream. Part 1 is on the West Bank. Part 2 is a rebuttal of Mr. Ayalon's "West Bank" offering. Part 3 is on the Peace Process. And, part 4 is on the Refugees.

From my research all that Mr. Ayalon offers corresponds to facts. I found the rebuttal to the "West Bank" part to be repleat with semantic "word games", half-truths, and other selective editing of facts out of context to suit the rebuttal's narrative. I have included the rebuttal for "completeness", as Mr. Ayalon referenced the rebuttal at the beginning of Part 2.

After watching the below video, if you wish to learn more on the subject, the following links offer alternative views via 2 documentaries. The first, CLICK HERE, is entitled 'The Truth on (the) Israel Palestine Conflict'. The second, CLICK HERE, is from the BBC on the same subject. I have not vetted these 2 documentaries for accuracy or fairness.

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