Political Ramblings - an Introduction

As the title implies, this entire site offers political "ramblings" and cover a wide range of topics. This site will always be "a work in progress" with new items/issues appearing in an ad hoc manner.

Up front, I wish to point out that politically I am basically libertarian by nature/nurture and politically independent by choice. I mean libertarian with a small "i"; i.e., not aligned with the Libertarian political party. I fully ascribe to the US Constitution being the "Law of the Land". There are things there with which I disagree; on the vast majority I agree. I firmly believe that if there is something in our Constitution which we feel is wrong we should change it - by Amendment and not just ignore it. Once one finds themselves on a slippery slope there's no climbing back up.

Many with whom I come into contact believe they are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, liberal/progressive/left-wing, conservative/right-wing, moderate (or as Pat Paulsen once said, "Middle of the Bird"), or what have you. But, when challenged as to what they "really" believe often they find that facts get in the way of what they think they are. It seems that, especially these days, the lines dividing the various political parties are becoming more and more murky. What a given politican says vs. what he/she believes vs. what he/she actually does often are not too relatable. And, a pity it is!

I found a "quiz" that fairly well points to where you are on the political spectrum. It measures (to a degree, of course) where a person falls on the below chart. Please recognize that human nature indicates that there (probably) is no one who is 100% anything (i.e., liberal/conservative/progressive, etc.). So answer the questions honestly and not how you think you should answer them. Take the quiz, it's short, and the result may surprise you.

Click here to take the quiz and see where you land.

In the sirit of "full disclosure", here is the result of my taking the "quiz":

Enough of all that. Feel free to agree or disagree - that is your freedom. But please, prior to complaining about something with which you disagree do me a favor and present facts - not feelings - to back up your point. Good for you!

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