Where are employees of the top 25 companies in the US donating?

i.e., The "employees", NOT the corporations!

This from "Bloomberg.com" - 09 Aug. 2012

Employees of General Electric Co. (GE) are giving 63 percent of their contributions to Republicans this year, almost a mirror image of their distribution in 2008 when Democrats received 66 percent of their donations.

Employees of just four of the top 25 companies, Time Warner Inc. (TWX), Pfizer Inc. (PFE), Comcast Corp. (CMCSA), and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), continued to give a majority of their donations to Democrats. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft workers and their families are the biggest source of contributions to Obama’s re-election campaign, giving him $418,845. Philadelphia-based Comcast employees and their families are eighth, at $216,156, and Time Warner employees and families are 10th at $191,834. The rest, this time, are donating to Republicans. One might ask why the change.