Reactions to the Attacks on Our Embassies on 09.11.2012

I'm certain we are all aware of the attacks on our embassies in Egypt and Libya on 09.11.2012. Four of our citizens died in the Libya attacks, including our ambassador.

As I watched the televised reactions to the attacks I was struck with the difference in "body language" among the "reactors". The below video shows, in order of their occurance, edited reactions from Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Obama (Note: Obama's video portion is not edited - I missed the first couple of seconds - otherwise it's his full response.)

Note: My commentary is NOT based on the words being said - they are all fine and appropriate. My commentary is solely based on the "body language" of the presenters.

In business most people don't appreciate "phone conference calls" anywhere near as much as either video conferences or being there in person - in that order. The spoken word does not convey adequately the feelings or emotions of the speaker.

I'll ignore commenting on Romney's reaction for two reasons: First, he is running for office and the events did not occur on his "watch" and, more importantly, this clip of his reaction mainly dealt with questions posed to him by reporters re: the actions in Cairo and the US Government's initial response to the Cairo events - before the violence in Libya.

First, Clinton's reaction was presented with controlled emotion and conviction. Hillary did read her statement; but, she came across as "speaking from the heart".

Obama, on the other hand, came across (to me, anyway) with no more emotion, credibility, or commitment than someone off the street reading an essay on the advantages of off-street parking. He, obviously, was reading the entire statement - without seeming conviction, I might add. I just as well could have read the transcript and obtained the same emotional conviction.

Watch the video:

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And, directly after his statement Obama, yet again, shuffles off to another campaign "outing", this one in Vegas. Some small degree of leadership isn't too much to ask, I feel. Of course one can always ask, "Well, what could he do if he stayed in DC? The event had already occurred." Answer: He could start attending the morning intel briefings - he's attended less than 44% of 'em. Who knows what may have been prevented had he decided intel briefings were important?

If you REALLY want to watch the video that "supposedly" started all this, you'll find it very poorly done - actually, I found it beyond stupid; but, Click Here.

Above I used the word "supposedly" because, as facts unfold, it is becoming clear that the "video" was being used as a ruse to fire up mobs while professional, coordinated military actions were being employed against our embassies in the Middle East - specifically in conjunction with "911". Have you seen the below headline on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR? Thought not.

The below picture just maybe sums up an origin of our risks in the Middle East.