Evaluating How Our Economy Is Doing?

So, how ARE we doing economically in our great country?

The real question should be NOT how are we doing - we pretty much see that all is not well; rather, we should be looking at the trends or direction and rate of change.

This NOT the correct direction!

That's a 39% drop in 3 years.

Median income dropping - NOT GOOD for anyone!

And, there's this from a recent US Census survey:
Not going in the right direction, I feel.

How about gas prices?
Not going in the right direction either.

Food? This from CNNMoney.com
Not too good, actually

Looks pretty good for buyers - terrible for sellers OR for those whose home values determine a major portion of their net worth (see first item above.)

More people leaving than entering the workforce! Not too very desirable.

By and large the trends don't look too good - obviously.

So, how do YOU think we're doing as a country? How about you personally? How about your neighbors and friends?