2012 Election Conventions Speeches

RNC Convention Speeches:

Mia Love

Chris Cristie

Ann Romney

Artur Davis

Rand Paul

Condi Rice

Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney

DNC Convention Speeches:

Michelle Obama

Harry Reid

Julian Castro

Cory Booker

Ted Strictland

Nancy Pelosi

Lilly M. Ledbetter

Bill Clinton

Joe Biden

Barack Obama

A summary of the DNC offerings - OR, "Never Let The Truth Stand In The Way Of A Good Story - again", or this 'Never Let The Truth...' alternate, or even this one, and, finally, this one.

Now THIS is great! The democratic platform originally had no mention of the word "God" AND did not stress that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. This, apparently was causing Obama some political difficulty. So, an amendment was put forth to their platform reversing these two items. According to their rules it takes a 2/3 majority to approve an amendment. Watch as the gentleman calling for the vote fails to get the needed 2/3 majority; but, rules that, in fact, the 2/3 was met anyway.

A Failure To Obtain A 2/3 Vote

Unfortunately for all of us this failure to recognize the rules is systemic of the Obama administration as a whole. From the failure to follow the law in the NBPP voter registration issue, to the ignoring the "Defense of Marriage Act" (as bad as it was it was still the law!), to too many others to name here, this administration seems to treat the law of the land (i.e., the US Constitution) as a "suggestion" rather than a requirement.