Bob Basso as Thomas Paine

Bob Basso is an actor and motivational speaker. (At the bottom of this page is his filmography.)

He has had great success with his YouTube videos. These are political in nature and he takes the role of Thomas Paine, one of our Founding Fathers, commenting on today's political environment.

Mr. Basso's video messages span the Obama 2 administrations. While some of Mr. Basso's subject matters have been overcome by events, his messages are timeless.

This site offers Mr. Brasso's interpretations of things from his perspective of views as would be stated by Thomas Paine. Check out quotes by Paine - use Google; he had a lot of things to say which are important to us today.

'Thomas Paine' (aka Bob Basso) on:

An Independence Day Message

The Silent Majority

The Point Of No Return


Open Letter To Obama

The Broken Common Bond

The Stimulus Package

On To Washington

Bob Basso Filmography:

One West Waikiki (TV series) Kingmare on Night Street (1996) Mr. Bob

1988 The Wizard of Speed and Time - Rollie

1985 Paradise Motel - Mr. Kehoe

1983 St. Elsewhere (TV series) A Wing and a Prayer (1983) Butcher

1983 Policewoman Centerfold (TV movie) - Lt. Cook

1983 The Fall Guy (TV series) Trauma (1983) Ernie

1982 Too Close for Comfort (TV series) Mr. Christmas (1982) Officer Smith

1982 Cagney & Lacey (TV series) Hot Line (1982)

1982 The Greatest American Hero (TV series) This Is the One the Suit Was Meant For (1982) Phil

1982 The First Time (TV movie) - Lt. Garr

1982 Happy Days (TV series) A Night at the Circus (1982) Dudley

1982 Fame (TV series) But Seriously Folks (1982) The Doorman

1982 Fantasies (TV movie) - Locksmith

1982 Hill Street Blues (TV series) Pestolozzi's Revenge (1982) Garage Owner

1981 Return of the Rebels (TV movie) - Garage Customer

1981 Zoot Suit - The Bailiff

1981 Miracle on Ice (TV movie) - Barkeeper

1980 Deer in the Works (short) - Lou Flammer

1979 Barnaby Jones (TV series) Nightmare in Hawaii: Parts 1 & 2 (1979) Henry Doran

1979 Racquet - Al

1979 Love at First Bite - T.V. Repairman

1979 The Rockford Files (TV series) Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job: Parts 1 & 2 (1979) Auctioneer

1979 The White Shadow (TV series) The Great White Dope (1979) Bouncer

1978 Starsky and Hutch (TV series) Quadromania (1978) Joseph 'Joe' Riley Benson

1978 Kojak (TV series) Chain of Custody (1978) Louie

1977 Lou Grant (TV series) Christmas (1977) Santa Claus

1968-1977 Hawaii Five-O (TV series - Original):

Deep Cover (1977) Captain Kemp

The Last of the Great Paperhangers (1976) Comptroller

The Banzai Pipeline (1974) Oswald Greggs

Flash of Color, Flash of Death (1973) Jake

I'm a Family Crook - Don't Shoot! (1972) Charlie Walters

1977 Laverne & Shirley (TV series) - Security Guard