"Bibi" Netanyahu Speaks at the United Nations

In September 2016 Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech at the United Nations. I have always been a great admirer of Prime Minister Netanyahu; so, I watched his speech. It was excellent of course - and, "on point" as always.

During his speech he kept referencing a speech given earlier that day by Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestinians. So, I watched that one as well. Below are links to the videos of both speeches.

But first, a comment (or many) on Abbas' speech.

My opinion's executive summary, if you will, of Abbas' speech is that it was filled with half-truths, misdirects, and a view of the world, his imagined world, not based on reality. For those of you who read my articles, this is a very similar summary critique I offered on another world leader who gave a speech at the UN a day or so before Abbas' & Netanyahu's.

Almost at the beginning of Abbas' speech he offered this: "...the PLO, the sole, legitimate representative of the Palestinian people..."

The only polite thing that came to mind at that point was:

The PLO (a.k.a. Palestine Liberation Organization) is and always has been a terrorist organization - See THIS.

As a point of reference, "Palestine" is not and never has been an official country or nation - not in the history of the world. In olden times the Greeks and Romans referred to an area they called "Palestine". As the referenced article explains, "Palestine" was a geographical area designation only and meant different specific areas to whomever used the term - BUT, it was never used to designate a Nation or a State. Someone saying they were from "Palestine" is like me saying I'm from North America.

Even today the UN lists it as a "non-member observer state". Some 100+ countries have recognized the Palestinians as having a "state"; but, there is no official such "State" or Nation recognition. The referenced article states that, due to the numerous countries recognizing Palestine, Palestine is a "de facto" state. As an example of the fallacy in this: if 100,000,000 people recognize that the Sun revolves around the Earth, such recognition, by however many people, does not make it so.

For a top-level overview of the Israel-Palestine situation put in historical context, Click Here.

Abbas railed on detestably about a "2 State solution". Just take a look at the PLO flag.

See any sign of Israel on that flag? Of course not. It depicts the area that is now Israel, the disputed area of The West Bank, and the Gaza Strip as ALL being "Palestine". The Palestinians will only agree on a settlement of land dispute that has Israel removed from existence.

Abbas' continually referred to The West Bank as occupied territory. Officially, this area is designated as "disputed territory" - there's a big difference in context here; see THIS, and THIS.

He went on to condemn the aggression and terrorist activities of Israel. And, he said this as if he really believed the nonsense he was spewing.

Here is a link to lists of Palestinian unprovoked attacks on Israel in recent times.

As but one example, in 2014 the Palestinians, from Gaza, launched over 4,500 rocket attacks against Israel.

Here is a link to attacks by Israel on the Palestinian areas in recent times. All such were defensive/retaliatory strikes in response to rocket attacks by the Palestinians

Abbas mentioned not a few times that the "1967 borders" defined the state of Palestine. Hogwash! As a discredit, another nation's president seems to side with Abbas on this. There is no historical or legal argument in favor of Abbas' claims.

Abbas also made references to the Oslo Accords. Perhaps if the Palestinians had refrained from constant terrorist attacks, things might have gone somewhat better.

Abbas, as well, went on insipidly against Great Britain for the results of the Balfour Declaration in 1917. In the article it should be noted that this Declaration also refers to "Palestine" as a geographical area - NOT a country or nation.

To make a long and complicated story somewhat short, the Balfour Declaration subdivided the Arabian lands into the countries we know in that region today. This was done primarily to give maximum defense against the formation/reformation of an Islamic Caliphate - as was the Ottoman Empire led by Turkey.

Yes, many of the leaders of these countries were brutal dictators. But, these same dictators kept the Sunni vs. Shia violence "in house" in the area preventing its spread. It was only recently when powers in the West sought to depose these dictators that ISIS and their like were able to form and branch out. The result? World Wide Terrorism.

The below 2 graphics depict the area of land granted to Israel per the Balfour Declaration.

So, over the years Israel has done more than its fair share to give up land for the Palestinian peoples. But, as noted before, all the Palestinian leaders want - and have always wanted - was to have Israel cease to exist.

No. Abbas is yet another terrorist savage masquerading as a political figure. As such he, in my opinion, should be brought to justice with extreme prejudice. The fact that the UN seems to side against Israel at every opportunity speaks volumes to the validity - or non-validity in this case - of the UN.

Now, for the speech videos offered in the order they were presented at the UN: