(Almost) Everything I Have About Muslims, Islam, And Related Information

Editorial Introduction:

First, what does it mean to be a Muslim?

The word "Muslim" literally "One who submits to Allah". See THIS for a summary answer to the question.

Today's news seems filled with terrorist acts of ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and many others. For the "top 10" terrorist groups, Click Here. They all seem to have one thing in common - Islam. And, such acts by Muslims are not exactly new.

Extremism within Islam goes back to the 7th century to the Kharijites. From their essentially political position, they developed extreme doctrines that set them apart from both mainstream Sunni and Shi'a Muslims. The Kharijites were particularly noted for adopting a radical approach of Takfir, whereby they declared other Muslims to be unbelievers and therefore deemed them worthy of death.

For more on the history of violence and/or terrorism by Islamics, click on these links: Here, Here, Here, and Here.

There is a ton of information included below. If you are like many people and just would like an "Executive Summary", this video of a lecture given by Brigitte Gabriel on the 1,400 years of Islam's history is great for this.

Here is another "Executive Summary" level offering on Islam and its impact on America: Click Here - from Andrew McCarthy of the National Review Institute.

Some Information on Islamic Sects

The Qur'an In English

What Does The Word 'Qur'an' Actually Mean?

Female Garb worn by women stictly following Islam:

An Overview of the Israel - Palestine Conflict

The 5 Pillars Of Islam - The Foundation Of Muslim Life and Considered Mandatory for "Believers"

The 5 Stages Of Islam - The Conquest Strategy. Also see Islamic Conquest..., below, for an alternate assessment of "Islamic Stages".

Islamic Conquest Through Migration/Immigration.

More About Islam and Muslims - Includes info on Lying, Deceit, and Immigration to spread Islam

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama Administration

Continuing Influences of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Obama Administration

Dealing With Radical Islamics

Which Of Our Presidents Is "All In" For Islam?

What Is Wrong With Great Britian? FEAR! Coming Here Soon!

Trump's "Radical" Position On Muslims' Entry To Our Nation

On Anti-Islam Feelings Being "Racist", et. al.

There Truly Must Be Something Wrong With H. Clinton.

On The Syrian "Refugees" - Propaganda From The Government.

Refusing Syrian Refugees - Lack of Compassion or an Application of Common Sense.

Refugees - Or Embedded Terrorists?

Just You Wait

The World Against Israel

MultiCulturalism Without Assimilation.

Islamophobia? Really!?

What's The Old Saying About Not Learning From History?

On The Iran Deal

The Benghazi Interview - Fox news 09.05.2014

A Letter To The Islamic State

The Israel - Palestinian Conflict - An Historical Perspective

Charles Krauthammer on the "Moral Clarity In Gaza"

More On The Israel-Palestinian Issue

Who Has The Moral Highground re: the The Israel - Palestinian Conflict

An Egyptian "Take" On The Israel - Palestinian Conflict

Are Islamics A Threat To America?

Our Iran "Deal" - Or, Neville Chamberlain Would Be Proud

A Word Or Two On Iran

The Terrorist Group, the Muslim Brotherhood, Takes a Legal Hit in Egypt

Al Qaeda - Or, Have Fun With Toys

An Argument for Eradication

Ah! That wonderful religion of "peace" speaks yet again!

Obama And His Prisoner Swap

An American Muslim Woman Asks A Question


A Word On History.

Obama To Visit Mosque.

A Word Or Two On Muslims.

People Wonder Why Muslims Don't Speak Out - An Example

And Speaking Of Benghazi, . . .

The Muslim Brotherhood in America - A 10 Part Course on the Muslim Brotherhood

The White House Seems To Have A Difficulty With Geography

WARNING! Coming To A City Or Town Near You

LOOK! No Problem Here!

Christians Are Fleeing The Muslim World

Glenn Beck before he, in my opinion, "went 'round the bend" did some excellent work on reporting information of which few of us were aware. The below several links offer such.

A Documentary On The Islamic State

Glenn Beck' Staff's Documentary On The Plight Of Coptic Christians In Egypt & Human Trafficing In America

Glenn Beck on the 12th Imam (i.e., the al-Mahdi)

Gimme That Ole Time Sharia.....It's Good Enough For Me - NOT!

Government "Snooping" Off Limits To Mosques

Egypt Has A Coup On July 3, 2013. Or, The Signs Say It All.

My First Guess Is That The Egyptian Military Leaders Do Not Favor The Terrorist Sponsoring Muslim Brotherhood

Islam And The World - An Opinion and Commentary

I Have An Idea: Let's Give Weapons To Those Who Have Sworn To Kill Us!

Radical Islamic Influence in Boston

A '60 Minutes' Report on Benghazi - A Damning Report On The Obama Administration

An Addendum on Islam in Early America - Click Here.