A Legacy Wrapup

This entire section of my website has been devoted to the Obama Legacy - from the beginning of his taking office in 2009 until his stepping down on January 20, 2017. It contains over 60 gigabytes of authored and captured information - with much, much more information referenced from the site.

As to Obama's presidential legacy, the below graphic pretty much say it all - at least on the economic side of things.

So, there's no point in regurgitating all that the Obama Legacy site offers over again. Therefore, I'll close his legacy wrapup with a series of 2-line poems (of sorts):

He promised us all change and hope,

What we got was a management dope.

When things went awry Bush was his pinata;

You have to laught at this, you just gotta.

His personal life was scandal free,

His policy scandals, 733.

ISIS is but a JV team, said he;

Well, not exactly, as the world can see.

He promised affordable healthcare for all,

The result: the needy behind the eight-ball.

He claimed that race relations have improved,

The polls, however, show his claims disproved.

As he took office there were many out of the workforce;

As he leaves, 14.5M more have left their employment source.

Oh, I could go on with this silly riff,

But, by now I think you get my drift.

A worse president is hard to imagine;

To find a better one wouldn't take much scratchin'.