" 'Tis A Puzzlement "

Donald Trump has offered that the United States should restrict the entry of all Muslims into our Country until such time as we can verify who they really are.

Trump has been heavily criticized for such a position. The most prevalent description of Trump in this regard is that he is a "racist". Well, I hate to break it to these critics, but being a Muslim does not constitute a "race". Such comments are just pure inflammatory and display a high degree of ignorance.

Aside from that, I often find his position curious. After all, why Muslims? Muslims are representatives of the "Religion of Peace", are they not?

Maybe the below may offer some clues:

First and foremost, of course is the Islamic attacks on our Country on "911".

Brussels hit by multiple terror attacks by Islamic terrorists.

Paris hit by multiple Islamic terrorists.

San Bernardino, CA hit by terror attack by Islamic terrorists.

Boston, MA Marathon hit by terror attack by Islamic terrorists.

German pensioners attacked by Islamic migrants.

Sexual attacks by Islamic migrants increase throughout Europe.

Women beaten and sexually attacked by Islamic migrants in Germany.

13 People killed and over 30 injured by an Islamic terrorist at Ft. Hood, Texas.

Fear of rape by Islamic migrants spreads throughout Europe.

Let's not forget Islamic terror attacks against Israel.

Radical Islam spreads within the USA.

And, of course, there's the list of additional Islamic terror attacks in this country.

But, perhaps as interesting, if not more so, is an article, actually a commentary, on an Islamic's view of Muslim's view by many Americans.

In the article, the Muslim offers a challenge. He offers $10,000 to "anyone $10,000 if they can find me a verse in the Quran that says itís ok to kill innocent people or to commit acts of terror.". The author of the article answers with, "Where do I pick up my $10,000?" The author then proceeds to identify 8 separate instances in the Qur'an directly answering the Muslim's challenge.

Throughout many of my political offerings I have included similar, and more, evidence as to Islam's penchant for violence, rape, and death to anyone not a believer in Islam's precepts - all found in the Qur'an.

I probably should seek my $10,000 as well.

If the above isn't sufficient to give credibility to Trump's temporary restrictions on Muslims, I am totally lost as to understanding an alternate set of logic.