Trumpin' The Khan

Donald Trump once again has allowed himself to be trapped by the media on something he said. This time he responded to statements made by Khizr and Ghazala Khan during the DNC convention. Well, actually the statements were by ole Khizr - his wife uttered not a word.

Trump, although he authored 'The Art of the Deal', obviously didn't listen to Kenny Rogers' immortal lines from the song, 'The Gambler': "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, and know when to walk away." In this instance Trump should have walked away. But, hey, Trump will always be Trump it seems.

The media as a whole has been beating up on Trump for the "way he treated a gold star family".

Before continuing and for those who don't know where the term "gold star", used in this context comes from, here's the answer:

During World War I people began flying flags displaying blue stars for each child of their family serving in the military. Should a child die in the war, the blue star was changed to a one. The custom spread until families who had lost a child in a war were referred to as a "gold star family".

Now, what did Trump actually say in the interview that raised such heat? And, "heat" from both sides of the aisle? Click Here to watch.

The only thing he said that drove up the negative narrative was Trump's statement: "If you look at his wife. She was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably, maybe, she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. You tell me."

Then, Trump went on to say that others had mentioned the same thing.

Now, we ALL can come up with things Trump could have said to diffuse the political fallout. But, that's nothing more than Monday morning quarterbacking; interesting, perhaps, for a discussion among friends, but does nothing to move things forward.

Would Trump have been better off saying nothing about the man's wife? Absolutely! But, was Trump's sort of insinuation above wrong?

Well, if we put aside for a moment that others had reportedly said the same thing, then consider:

Khizr Khan is a large supporter of Sharia Law that holds women to be no better than property. Not allowing a woman to speak is fully ascribed to by Sharia Law.

Let's look at other aspects of Khizr Khan and what he had to say:

First, Khan offered that Trump should be more aware of the US Constitution as it relates to "equality under the law". It is assumed that he was referring to Trump's statements on not allowing unvetted Muslims into our country.

The US Constitution has NOTHING to say on the subject of "equality under the law" as relates to allowing immigrants, Muslim or otherwise, into our country.

Further, Khan, even though a US citizen, believes the Constitution ‘Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia’. As the US Constitution is the highest law in our Nation, I can but wonder how Khan got his citizenship without knowing this.

Well, it could be that Khan isn't that knowledgeable on Shraia Law, the Constitution, etc. Actually, he is quite knowledgeable on Sharia Law. The Constitution, I don't know.

The DNC, most likely as a strategy, put Khan up there to speak what the DNC told him to say merely to draw Trump out into making some statement that could be used against Trump. And, it worked - at least in the short run.

Of course there is a lot more on Khan of an unflattering nature. For just one example is the tie(s) Khan has to Saudi Arabia - worth the read, especially the interactions of Khan's law firm and members of the current administration, terror organizations, the Clinton Foundation, etc.

According to some, the below picture of a bank (wire) transfer to Khan's law firm from the Clinton Foundation in the amount of $375,000 should be more than just a hint of something "fishy" going on.

I think Dr. Ben Carson had the right view on this whole subject.

The above should suffice for now.