The Silliness of Terrorists

- A Sarcastic Take On A Serious Issue

According to the FBI it has had 7,700 "encounters" with people having terrorist ties trying to enter the US, mainly along the US-Mexican border, in the last year.

An immediate question that comes to mind is "What about the thousands they didn't "encounter"? Where are they now? Perhaps in or near a Mosque near you. This is where the government "knows" Islamic terrorists are operating right now in our country: See the subheading "In America".

These people with terrorist ties who try and sneak into our country are so silly - and impatient.

Hillary Clinton has made it known that she, if elected president, intents to bring upwards of a 500% increase of people from terrorist-infested countries here. Since, typically, these people will be in need of "government assistance" - you know, food, housing, medical care coverage, cell phones, money, and the like, these are exactly the types of people the progressives want to come here. Why? Because they will all vote for Democrats.

So, all these silly terrorists need to do is to have their friends, who are already here, vote as many times as they can for Hillary in the upcoming election.

After all, as this progressive government is dead set on thwarting any and all voter ID laws, it would be easy. No ID? No problem. They won't check to see if you are a citizen or not - to do so would be racist, don't you know. So, vote as many times as you need. And, what's possibly better, you can use the information on dead people to help bolster the vote.

As a quick aside, the above linked article from the ACLU states that voting is a RIGHT, not a PRIVELEGE. The statement is correct. However, that RIGHT is ONLY for US Citizens. So, without proper ID how can you prove you are a US citizen? You can't, which sets up many opportunities for voter fraud. Is this REALLY how we want our leaders to be chosen?

Why try and sneak into our country when, if the terrorist-leaning peole already here (and, there are many) just wait a bit and vote appropriately, the government will bring their like-minded "friends" here for free, at no risk to these "friends", AND give them benefits while allowing them to do their terrorism on our shores AND help them choose our political leaders?

What A Great Land This Has Become! Thanks, President Obama and Your Friends!