Are The Russians REALLY Trying To Influence Our 2016 Presidential Election?

A Commentary

In yet another misdirect and un-truth Hillary Clinton offers us that the Russian Government, i.e., Putin, is behind "cyber attacks" aimed at pushing the US voters toward Donald Trump.

She offered that 17 US Intelligence agencies have asserted the truth of the above. Well, for starters, that, apparently, is not true.

But, for just a minute let's do a little conjecture. Can we, or should we, believe their assessments? Actually, NO! This does not mean what they say is wrong, it only asks should we believe what the media or politicians say they said.

With evidence showing that intelligence analysts have had their reports "buried" and, even worse, changed prior to the reports going "up the chain", nothing is to be believed.

Just consider that the head of the FBI, James Comey, clearly was motivated to not recommend charging Clinton with crimes due to political pressure and due to his ties to the Clinton Foundation - to the displeasure of the rank-and-file FBI agents.

The heads of these intelligence agencies are ALSO politically motivated to keep the higher ups happy - their jobs and careers depend on it.

Think the above too simplistic? Well, consider that hundreds of our military leaders have been forced to resign or fired for, in my opinion, siding with the truth rather than to adhere to what their higher ups were pushing.

So, no, trusting is not in the cards.

Now, on to the charges of "hacking" our political process by Russia/Putin -

What would be Putin's motivation in pushing for Trump? More importantly, would he have a desire to push for Clinton?

It's not a large jump in anyone's thinking to view Trump as sort of a "loose cannon" as far as global politics are concerned. He, Trump, has offered much that may not sit well with Putin's desire for the future. True, Trump has said that he can work with Putin. But, from Putin's view, Putin probably, and accurately, views that Trump would tell him to shove it if things did not go Trump's way.

On the other hand, Putin must view the entire Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton, as nada but weak and manipulable. After all, it was Hillary Clinton who was responsible for negotiating a significant portion of our uranium supply to be handed over to the Russians. What better candidate could a Russian leader want?!

At this point we do NOT have all the facts as to who hacked the emails Hillary supposedly deleted. It is clear that somebody did.

So, if Putin wants/wanted to influence our elections by hacking Hillary's emails, what would he do?

Putin realizes that the media portrays him as evil, etc. So, any information offering Putin's support to a candidate would tend to make voters here vote for the other candidate.

Therefore, were Putin smart (and he is) he would engineer it to appear that he was supporting Trump; therefore, as best he could, this would ensure the voters would vote for Hillary.

And, since Hillary would offer Putin the most in perceivable benefit, this seems the most likely reason for the email hack - again, assuming it was Russia/Putin.

Just sayin' !!!

Now, let's look at this from a slightly different viewpoint - a more technical one.

Assuming the Russians were behind such a "hack", does anyone believe that they aren't clever enough to make detection, by them, problematic? And, there is the issue of the data transfer speeds necessary to download that amount of data in some reasonable time. Even just copying that much data from one of my hard drives to another with a direct hookup (hard drive-computer-hard drive), it would take a L-O-N-G time - too long for any reasonable hack. It is not difficult to "spoof" any internet site. The tools necessary to do an untraceable "spoof" are rather simplistic - a TOR browser and basic internet programming skills.

There are even reports that someone from inside the Democratic National Committee was actually responsible for the data leak; Click Here and Click Here.

It may be a long time before anyone knows exactly what happened here. Shall we all wait for actual, factual evidence before accusing and condeming anyone?