Why Rubio Is A Loser - Part 2

As one might gather from my earlier piece on Marco Rubio, I am certainly no fan.

And, the following gives further reason for my displeasure with the man as a candidate for the Presidency of The United States of America.


As a quick, but somewhat tacky aside here, I couldn't help but notice the similarities of "Mr. Spock's" ears with those of Rubio. And, my sincere apologies to Leonard Nimoy, may he rest in peace, for the comparison.

But I digress!


Bill O'Reilly conducted an interview with Rubio on 02.22.2016. A major focus was on immigration.

In a feeble attempt at answering a question re: what to do with the some 12 million illegal immigrants here in this country, Rubio responded with:

"..once the U.S.-Mexico border is secure, .....We'll see what the American people will support."

Seems pretty simple to me. He seems to want to manage the Country by what polling data presents - not according to the laws of our Nation. Fairly telling of his principles and of his intention to uphold the oath of office he would take, I feel. You know, the part about upholding the US Constitution.

To see a video clip of Rubio's pertinent statements to my point and then followed by the full interview, Click Here.