Why Rubio Is A Loser

Below is a list of positive attributes attached to Marco Rubio, presidential candidate, shown in GREEN and reclamas shown in PURPLE.

· Rubio is well spoken - so is Obama

· Rubio has some good points to make - as do many others

· Rubio is a hard working senator - Rubio has accomplished nothing as senator for the state of Florida nor for the nation


   o His signature bill as a senator was the Gang of Eight immigration amnesty bill, which was not passed - and should not have been passed, by the way

   o He has missed 12.7% of his voting opportunities as senator, leaving Floridians to be represented by Bill Nelson, an extreme left liberal Democrat – thanks, Senator Rubio.

   o His most recent initiatives include expanding college education opportunities. Florida already has an outstanding higher education program funded by the Florida lottery. This latest initiative does little to enhance employment opportunities, except over the long term for illegal immigrants who receive amnesty.

· Rubio has backed and backs a loose immigration policy - as does Obama and H. Clinton


   o When describing immigration reform, he has emphasized border security first to English-speaking, conservative audiences and “legalization” first to Spanish-speaking audiences. Sounds like Hillary’s lies about Benghazi depending on whether she was speaking to her family, the Egyptian president or the American public, doesn’t it?

   o Rubio’s so-called “comprehensive immigration” plan consisted of three elements: green cards—and therefore eventual citizenship, welfare, and voting privileges—for illegal immigrants; a large expansion in foreign worker admissions; and a huge increase in the permanent rate of annual immigration.

   o Rubio (R-FL) is standing by his support for bringing Syrian refugees into the United States of America, even after the Paris murder-rampage by some of the many Muslims migrating into Europe.

   o Less than 7 percent of Republican voters, according to Pew, support Marco Rubio’s position of increasing immigration.

· Rubio’s fiscal policies are what America needs. - misappropriating funds, even if paid back, is not a good sign


   o Rubio’s personal financial management appears to be poor, per his release of his financial information.

   o Rubio’s multiple mistaken or questionable uses of his GOP credit card would result in the card being revoked if it was a corporate card. $3765 for pavers at his home? Individual lunches, dinners, gasoline & discount stores in his home town are not typical authorized expenses for government officials. Rubio defends this by stating that the card is secured by his own line of credit; so are corporate cards in the business sector and those cards are typically prohibited from personal use. Rubio doesn’t appear to understand the basics of not comingling personal and government expense.

   o Rubio’s immigration bill would incur huge costs, despite his erroneous assurances that illegals would not be eligible for myriad benefits, such as welfare, earned income credits, in-state tuition, healthcare, etc.

o Rubio proposed increased childcare tax credits that would cost nearly $200 billion per year. This is a new welfare program, when we need to be cutting welfare handouts. Although Rubio attempts to sell this as strengthening families, it is hard to determine why government paying childcare strengthens families. Moreover, Rubio does not indicate how this would be funded, except through the tax payers generosity. Note: immigrants have a much higher birth rate than American citizens. How does this strengthen the American family?

· Rubio has experience with world leaders. - Calling the leader of a nation a "gangster" on worldwide television does not seem to be the best diplomacy move. This was either stupidity or grandstanding to garner votes or both. Absolutely not what we need in a leader.

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Click Here for an excellent analysis from Breitbart on Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill. It’s long, but I urge you to read all of it. Very enlightening not only on the immigration issue, but also on Rubio, the candidate.

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