The "KISS" Principle Is Always A Good One

The progressive element continually pokes at Trump for his supposed lack of compassion, his racist attitudes, and the like, for his views on not allowing Middle Eastern immigrants/refugees into our country without proper vetting.

As to calling Trump racist, I say (Click Here to See).

More often than not, applying the "KISS" principle is the best course; i.e., "Keep It Simple, Stupid".

These same progressives (be they Democrat or Republican) seem not to notice the violent attacks, terrorist and otherwise, happening throughout Europe, especially for Jews, and here at home by these "refugees". Before knowing the intent of someone, it's not usually wise to "let them into your home". Yep, good old common sense at work.

Trump's son, Donald, Jr., recently put forth a graphic that offers us all the KISS principle on this subject. Perhaps his graphic will help in getting the correct message across.