Guess Who's Coming To Your Voting Precinct

Or, "Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain."

The Republican primary in Utah is set for March 22, 2016. You'll never guess who has been commissioned to handle the voting.

None other than Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. Who is he? He's the chairman of Smartmatic, the electronic voting firm whose worldwide headquarters is located in the United Kingdom - NOT the US. And, Smartmatic is the company which will be running the online balloting process in the Utah Republican Open Caucuses.

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It gets better!

Malloch-Brown also currently serves on the board of George Sorosís Open Society Foundation and has close ties to the billionaire.

Yep! The very same George Soros who arguably the world's largest backer and funder of the political progressive movement.

Soros is the prime mover for a "New World Order" which, among other dastardly things seeks "open borders" across the world.

It is Soros' money that has funneled its way into Black Lives Matter and the agitators who have attempted to disrupt Donald Trump's rallies of late.

Soros is a very large contributor to the Democratic party and all things progressive. He, personally, has been responsible for the crash of the Bank of England and the disruption of many countries financially - NOTE: see #9 in this link.

With Soros being "the man behind the curtain in our elections", what could possibly go wrong?

Follow Up -

Author of the below is unknown.

This from a Republican primary voter in Utah

UTAH CAUCUS: First hand insider report - Incompetence, Manipulation, and Ballot Stuffing!!! Just got back from my caucus... My head is still spinning.

Check in was slow but reasonably controlled. Super-long lines. I've never seen turnout like this.

Got my credentials, but no presidential ballot. They said those would be delivered to our caucus room.

Got to my caucus room. I counted about 120 people there (no idea how many were actually registered and credentialed).

We elected Precinct Officers, State Delegates, and County Delegates - the typical incompetence and ignorance of the rules you'd expect to see from volunteers, but all went somewhat smooth.

...Then came the Presidential Ballot.

Someone shows up with a stack of probably 250 ballots. The precinct chair splits them up, and starts handing stacks of them out and tells people "take one and pass it down".

No checking credentials, IDs, NOTHING.

I'm sitting at the end of a row and people start handing me stacks of extras. I literally had over 50 ballots in my hand.

We were told to mark our vote and place our ballot in a tin can. They then asked for a volunteer to hold the can. At this point, most people filed out the door.

I cast ONE vote, then stuck around to see what would happen with the votes.

About 15 minutes later, with only about 10 or so people milling around, someone walks in the room with an envelopes STUFFED full of "absentee" ballots - some envelopes having 2-5+ ballots.

I raised a question and said, "isn't there an absentee process already in place? Didn't people have to register for that last week?" and was told "Oh no, this is completely normal".

As I've mentioned in other threads, I was in Party leadership for 6 years and no, this is absolutely not normal.

I then asked if I could observe the vote count, and I was told my observations where not needed and to leave the area while the ballots were being counted.

I left the room (things were already a complete Charlie Foxtrot at this point) and wandered over to my friends precinct caucus to see if it was just as much a cluster.

His caucus was just getting to the presidential ballot, and as I walked in the door I was handed ANOTHER BALLOT.

Again, no credential check, no ID check, NOTHING.

No, I didn't vote again...

I went back to my precinct and they had the results:

74% Cruz

14% Trump

11% Kasich

Now just imagine this kind of outright incompetence/manipulation happening in 2000 precincts across the state.

As I left the building, I started overhearing results coming back from other precincts... Overwhelmingly numbers for Cruz... Like 70-90% or more. (In one precinct Cruz got around 100, Trump had 2, Kasich 0)

Bottom line... They basically are going to post whatever the hell numbers they want.

There were no apparent controls, no credential checks, no ID checks, and ballots being handed around like napkins.