For Fun! Just Sayin' !

Sometimes I can't resist the almost perverse urge to make progressives' heads explode using facts. This is one of those times.

Progressives are not satisfied unless they are forever calling Donald Trump and all those who agree with him racist for his supposed views on Hispanics and Muslims.

First, being an Hispanic or a Muslim does NOT denote a race. REALLY it doesn't! One may not like what Trump has to say. And, that's OK. But, I emplore you, use the proper word(s). Being so offensively inaccurate will tend to have people assume you are in the same intellectural league as Hank Johnson (GA Congressman) and immediately discount your point - which may be a valid one.

Trump's views and intents on immigration are deemed "anti-American", "unconstitutional", and much more of the same by progressives in general. These claims are bogus as explained in an earlier post of mine. And, Trump's stated intentions are lawful and Constitutional. Read the post!

On the subject of Muslims let me go further than does Trump.

And, before you start going ballistic on me for what's coming, if you're not really knowledgeable on Islam, don't bother me. As a help with this potential lack of information, check out and become familiar with almost all you need to know about Islam.

Now, to continue, . . .

I'll be using the term "devout Muslim". By this I mean a person who strictly follows the Qur'an and Sharia Law.

No devout Muslim should be granted citizenship in the United States. And, if a devout Muslim is a naturalized citizen of our country they became so fraudulently and should have their citizenship revoked. Further, if a natural born American citizen is or becomes a devout Muslim their citizenship should be revoked.

Why would I say such a terrible thing? How bigoted of me, you may feel.

To the contrary. My statements are based on Islam, itself, and the laws of our Nation.

Islam (if you bothered to read about Islam in the above-offered link) is NOT just a religion. More appropriately, Islam is a "geopolitical-economic system with a faith-based component". Under Islam, government and religion are inseparable. Islam would truly drive all the "separation of church and state" people nuts.

As such, a devout Muslim may NOT swear allegiance or hold allegiance to the United States (or any country) having laws that are in conflict with Islam. Just consider, our 1st Amendment on the establishment of religion, as only one example, is contradictory to Islam.

Perhaps this fact, alone, is what drove our president to recently change the oath of allegiance for immigrants to be more Islam-compliant.

So, new immigrants need not be so much "anti-Islam" when becoming citizens. For those devout Muslims who are already naturalized citizens they must have become one via Islam's "Taqiyya" - or, when it's OK to lie and be deceitful.

Therefore, if they lied to become citizens then they became so fraudulently. This type of lie falls under the broad heading of "Falsification or Concealment of Relevant Facts". Therefore, such people, by law, should have their citizenship revoked - or, become "denaturalized".

"OK!", you may retort. "There may be a few that slipped through the cracks, as it were. But, is this REALLY a problem?"

Apparently, it is!

A majority of US Muslims believe that Sharia Law supercedes the US Constitution. Considering there are an estimated 3.3+ million Muslims in the US, THAT is a problem.

To compound the issue, a goodly number of US-based Mosques spread anti-American, anti-Constitution sentiments. This does NOT mean that all of these Mosques are advocating terrorism. However, viewing Sharia Law superceding the US Constitution is another thing altogether.

But, you retort, the majority of Muslims in this country are peaceful. While that may be true - for now, the fact that that same majority views the US Constitution beneath Sharia Law doesn't speak too well for their assimilation into our culture. Take this article as but one example.

Back to the bogus racist issue for a moment. Back in 1995 Bill Clinton, in his SOTU speech, offered comments on illegal immigration. The words he offered represent the exact same message as Trump is offering now. Do you remember anyone calling Clinton a racist? Of course not. Why? Two reasons: 1) Clinton is a Democrat - the media is biased that way, don't you know, and 2) what Clinton offered was common sense. Click Here for Clinton's statements.

So, the next time you would like to rant and rave about a (any) politician's views on something, check out the facts. You may or may not like what you find. But, at least you'll have facts to work with and not just what some media outlet deems appropriate for you to know.