On Abortion and Candidates for the Presidency

It seems that almost all of the GOP candidates for the presidency are being asked their "personal" opinions on abortion. As well, almost none of the Democratic candidates are simliarly asked.

This is most likely due to the fact that the majority of the main stream media is progressive and, therefore, targets the GOP candidates - viewed by them as conservative in principle. And, it also seems that Democratic candidates do not make themselves available for interviews by conservative news sources.

Whatever the reason, in my personal opinion the candidates are responding in a defensive mode rather than in a way that makes much more sense.

OK. What would be a sensible response? Actually, what would be a proper response by any candidate on this subject? Try this:

"My personal opinions on abortion have no, and should have no, bearing on being president. The presidency has three basic roles: Defend the United States and its people, uphold the US Constitution, and ensure that the laws of our great Nation are upheld and applied equally for all. These three will be my main focus.

As of now 'Roe vs. Wade' is the law of the land - as is a ban on late term abortions. Each of our States has its own applications of law on this as well.

I will do nothing to attempt to create any new laws nor to change any current law - that is the job of Congress.

Should Congress offer a bill for my signature - any bill, not just on abortion - I will read, analyze, and have analyzed the bill's content for constitutionality, cost, overall impact to our economy, and the like. Further, any bill that requires an army of lawyers to comprehend and/or one that implies tens of thousands of pages of rules and regulations not stated in the bill itself shall receive my veto.

Assuming all analyzes are positive, I will sign the bill. Otherwise I will veto the bill.

The job description of the office does not include a role for a president's personal opinion.