A Theoretical Negotiation Between The President Of The United States Of America And The President of Russia

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Watching a commentary on the news in July 2017 reminded me of an article I wrote and videoed back in early 2016 - long before the 2016 elections. Even back then I had a decent inkling as to who would win.

This news commentary identified, at a very high level of course, what my original article hypothesized.

Here's the news commenatry clip I mentioned.

So, for those who may not have seen my original on this subject and are interested to see what I hypothesized, here it is.


Below is a theoretical negotiation between the president of the United States and the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

The subject matter involves the removal of radical Islamists across the globe.

To me this is the type of negotiation strategy that could possibly, just possibly, actually work based on the personalities of the parties involved.

The scene is set in president Putin's office in Moscow. Our president is there ostensibly to meet president Putin for the first time, face-to-face. All the below words are spoken by the president of the United States except for a single acknowledgement by President Putin.

The Negotiation:

Mr. President, it is so kind of you to invite me to meet you personally. I have traveled to your great country in the past and found the people of Russia to be warm, friendly, and welcoming. I have learned much about you. And, as you are aware, we may not always share the same methods. Even so, I find you to be a truly great leader.

But, I come here today to discuss an issue that goes beyond the warmth of your people and beyond my admiration of you as a leader.

You and I represent the two greatest powers the world has known. The world is in a very serious state of affairs. Iran and North Korea are threatening nuclear war. I know neither of us desires that. But, the Islamic State, to include Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and the like threaten and attack parts of the globe on almost a daily basis. These radical Islamists must be stopped now.

I believe I can offer you a plan involving both of our countries, among others, that will alleviate this situation and offer a better future for both of our nations - and, in fact, for the entire world.

At this point, Mr. President, before we continue, I would request that all recordings, if any, of this private meeting be terminated. Neither of us wants what I am about to discuss brought to the light of day. Is that agreeable to you?

[President Putin agrees and asks that the recordings be terminated.]

Thank you, Mr. President, for agreeing and understanding the need for secrecy.

Many at home view your recent actions in Syria to be troublesome.

I do recognize their feelings. But, I also, at least in part, understand your motives.

I know that 70% of your economy is based on your export of energy, namely oil.

The pipeline through Syria and Iran is the lifeblood of your country's financial future.

I also know that your oil reserves are diminishing at an alarming rate.

Your actions, in my opinion, are geared to enable your country to not only survive but to prosper.

Such would be the aim of any leader of a nation.

Many of the United States' allies exist in Europe. And, as you are well aware, Europe depends much on the oil exports coming from Russia.

I personally do not want to see the Russian people or the people of Europe do without sufficient energy.

That would be catastrophic for us both.

Of course, in the Middle East there is the issue of Israel, a long time ally and friend of the United States.

The rise in radical Islamics, as you know, threatens both my aims and yours, both your friends and mine.

There is a way for both of us to gain what we desire.

But first, let me make clear a few things.

As I am certain you are aware, the United States has oil both held in reserves and yet in the ground in sufficient supply to make even Saudi Arabia blush.

Why do I mention this? Simply put, the radicals are using oil to fund their terrorism.

So, if I direct a full-on exploitation of oil production in my country, the price of oil will sink to below $15 a barrel.

I will sell this oil to the friends of the USA for $12 a barrel.

And, I will ensure the cost of our produced gasoline is well below one US dollar per gallon across the globe.

This will cripple the money flow to the terrorists, including Iran. Without funds they will cease to be effective.

Unfortunately, this will have a dramatic, almost instant, negative effect on your economy. Neither of us wants that to happen.

Before you comment, there is something else of which you should be aware.

Today Russia, via your leadership, is both respected and feared - especially in the Middle East.

The Islamics' desire for a global caliphate, should they be allowed to continue to grow, will soon make itself felt in Russia.

I can assure you that you do not want this to happen either.

Right now they are focused on Israel, the US, and Europe. Soon it will be Russia.

Believe me when I say radical Islam is a threat to us both. And, I intend to end their advancement sooner than later.

But, your help in this would be most welcome.

This has not been announced in any public way as yet.

I am about to begin both a strategic and tactical set of missions against radical Islam that will make your actions in Syria seem as an missionary exploration led by the Pope, himself.

My predecessor, for some unknown reason, had a strong reluctance to engage those who would threaten our nation.

Even during warlike actions, he saddled our military with rules of engagement that made no sense.

And, make no mistake, unlike my predecessor, the concepts of political correctness and multiculturalism without assimilation do not reside in me or my administration.

I assure you in the most serious of terms that I have no such reluctance to engage and the only rule of engagement will be to win.

The conflagration that I and the coalition being formed are about to initiate will be swift and gargantuan.

God forbid that damage is done to your pipeline.

I do not want you, your nation, or your people to suffer from unintended consequences of our actions.

I urge you to join with us in our mission to rid the world of radical Islamists while at the same time protecting the economic interests of Russia, itself.

So, should you join me in a partnership in this mission, here are some things I offer as inducement.

Since Syria, Iraq, and Iran are strategically important to you and the prosperity of Russia, I trust that you would instill leaders in these nations who would serve your needs

- and, let me assure you, there will be regime change in the Middle East.

This would alleviate your dwindling oil reserves and heighten your ability to export energy to Europe and elsewhere as the market for oil dictates.

Also, be aware that we have no interest in ruling over or in any other way controlling countries in the Middle East.

However, as these countries are steeped in an ideology and a level of sophistication going back to before the first millennium, they are not yet ready for democracy as we think of it.

Therefore, if necessary, we will instill and ensure that leaders in the region are focused on peace across the region and the globe.

However, it is of the utmost importance that no threat to the US or its allies in this, including Israel, exists and that the production of nuclear arms in these countries which support terrorism is strictly halted.

Further, it is critically important that you keep the leaders you select from conducting mass murder or actions of severe human rights violations of its citizens or others.

I serve at the will of my people. Should such negative actions happen, they would demand swift and terminal action.

This would serve of both in a negative way.

Between you and I, along with the coalition being formed for this mission, we would control most of the oil supplies across the globe.

By keeping the oil price reasonable, the rest of the world will come to need and respect - if not fear - both of us.

Of course, the nations who have elected not to join this mission will protest.

But, as both you and I know, they will actually do nothing. The citizens of these nations will welcome such actions.

Should you accept this partnership along with the other nations who have joined us, including Saudi Arabia, your people and mine should immediately get together for planning and implementation.

Should you not accept this partnership, it would be advisable to remove all Russian troops and personnel from the Middle East immediately.

And, should you elect to remain neutral throughout our mission, rest assured, that when the US greatly increases its oil production, I, personally, will see to it that the Russian people have the affordable energy they will need - if that becomes necessary.

But, should you elect not to join us, I will not be able to ensure your future access to energy delivery through the Middle East - especially if you elect to actively go against this plan.

Armed conflict between our two Nations would not serve either of us well, as I am cdertain you are aware.

I truly believe you, as do I, want only the best for our people and their future.

This mission will initiate in the very near future. How say you, Mr. President?